Combined Cadet Force

Felsted's Combined Cadet Force is one of the Sixth oldest in the country, alongside Eton, Harrow, Rugby, Rossall and Hurstpierpoint. Felsted School first raised a Cadet Corps in 1860, However, Felsted claims the primary place in this list as military training started at the School on an unofficial basis under the Headmaster’s direction before the War Office letter of 12th May 1859, inviting schools and universities to raise Volunteer Corps.

So what does the CCF offer to the Felstedian? It is not a recruitment vehicle for the armed forces, although it does provide the starting platform for those thinking about military service. What the CCF does provide is a safe environment where cadets can develop their personal skills as well as their ability to lead and work in a team. Both skills are useful in all walks of life, in the work place, on the sports field and in other challenges the pupils may encounter in later life.


From the Junior Leaders programme, undertaken by pupils in Year 9, all the way through to becoming a Junior Under Officer in the Upper Sixth, cadets are tested in controlled environments and the qualities of responsibility, self reliance, resourcefulness, endurance and perseverance are promoted.

How do we provide this base for self-improvement?

Our training programme has been meticulously planned in order to give each and every cadet the chance to try new skills, work under pressure and experience new activities. Also, there are ample opportunities to lead other cadets and work in adverse conditions. There is also time for self-reflection when, with assistance from Officers and senior Cadets, cadets evaluate their own strengths and weaknesses.

It is no surprise that many of our U6 cadets hold senior appointments within the school such as Head of School and senior Prefects. By their own admission, they have said that a major contribution to them achieving these roles of responsibility is in part due to their time in the CCF.



The CCF provides many opportunities for our students to enhance their learning off site. Opportunities include:

  • Annual 24 hour exercise in September
  • Annual range day in March
  • CCF Summer Camp
  • Opportunity to attend Army STEM Camp
  • Opportunity to attend Senior Cadet Instructor course
  • Opportunity to attend adventure training courses (Climbing, Kayaking, Mountaineering etc…) 
  • Opportunities to complete, Silver and Gold Duke of Edinburgh Award expeditions