Inspiring Passions

Listen to any ‘Desert Island Discs’ interview and you’ll hear of a pivotal moment in the interviewee’s life when a spark was ignited, a curiosity born or a life-long passion inspired. The inspiration invariably happens during the interviewee’s formative years, often at school. On occasion the role of a teacher is even publically acknowledged.

That is why at Felsted dedicated teachers will provide your child with a very rich diet of sport, music, drama and art alongside a plethora of extra curricular options such as Ceramics, Medical society, Pilates, Photography, Debating or Travel Media. 

A Felsted Boarding School student participates in the Model United Nations

Our job is to help your child unearth his or her strengths, interests and talents. It doesn’t matter what fields these lie in. Indeed, former Felstedians have held senior positions and seen success in such diverse areas as the arts, academia, business, media, medicine, the military, public service, science and sport. What matters is that your child finds his or her inspiration and leaves us with passions that will be fulfilling and sustaining in later life.

You won’t find many schools with a longer list of extracurricular optionsGood Schools Guide

Stewart House (ages 4-6)

Our Creative Curriculum

Our youngest Felstedians benefit from a creative curriculum that includes more than just academic learning. They are introduced to creative, linguistic, musical and physical activities as part of the broad curriculum we offer. At the end of the school day they can also join our Woodlanders After School Club or take part in an organised co-curricular activity.

These vary from term to term and include Ballet, Football, French, Cricket, Jazz Dance, Judo, Tennis, Gymnastics, French and Recorders.

Ffrome Court, (ages 7-8)

Our enriched curriculum

From the age of 7, our young Felstedians have the opportunity to benefit from a whole range of structured co-curricular activities such as Swimming, Tennis, Dance, Badminton, Basketball, Chess, Riding, Music Groups, ICT, Football, Chess and Karate. This is also the time for them to try out a range of clubs that provide a fun introduction to everything from cooking to gardening.

All these activities build useful life skills that might also become the platform for future hobbies or even careers. Some children choose to take part in these clubs after school each day, while others choose a just a few each week.

Cloisters, (ages 9-10) & Courtauld House, (ages 11-13)

Felsted life is busy with extended school days and Saturday morning school (optional in Cloisters) to accommodate the full academic programme and the vast range of co-curricular activities your child will be keen to get immersed in. With plenty of teaching time as well as opportunities to participate in competition and performance, achievement and enjoyment go hand in hand at Felsted.

Whether it’s public speaking, playing for the various teams at each age group, or improving Latin and Spanish vocabulary, our expectations of your child will be high. Help is always at hand though, via our MAA programme, study skills workshops, Wellbeing Centre and professional support to boost a certain area.

Senior & Sixth, (ages 13-18)

Opportunity and confidence

In keeping with our growth mindset, we conduct regular parent surveys to see how we can improve Felsted. Time and again parents use the words ‘opportunity’ and ‘confidence’ in connection with their child’s education here.

We believe the two go hand in hand. The reason your child will have long and busy weekdays as well as Saturday school is because of the time that affords them. Time to study hard; time to embrace opportunities; time to develop a range of passions and still have enough left for peer group social time. The work hard, play hard motto has never been truer than here.

In enjoying success in a variety of arenas – on the sports pitch and stage, in CCF and the debating chamber – your child will grow in confidence. Not the brash and noisy kind, but the stable, underlying confidence that gets you through life. In seeing that success valued and celebrated by the community, your child’s confidence will build and a desire for more success will emerge. It is a virtuous circle.

The opportunities for your child in our Senior School never fail to impress. They span sport and astronomy, charity and gliding, steel drums and Young Engineers, Model United Nations and jazz, journalism and Greek, self defense and film appreciation. At Felsted you can be sporty, dramatic and brainy. You can enjoy professional coaching in hockey and be a beginner on the clarinet. You can express yourself through Art, Dance, or your commitment to Eco-club.

There’s no set formula, your child can immerse him or herself in the combinations that most appeal. What counts at Felsted is that you grasp all the opportunities you’ve been given, rise to the challenges of leading and serving others and never stop trying to improve or learn new skills.

Personal challenge

The Senior School Felsted Diploma is one of the key mechanisms by which we actively afford your child a holistic education and build character and confidence. It’s what ensures your child develops in the round, contributes to society and learns the value of being a reflective individual.

It merges together the philosophies and programmes of the Felsted Philosophy of Learning, the Round Square, the Duke of Edinburgh Award and the Creativity, Action and Service Programme (IB students only) into a single coherent personalised programme that is unique to Felsted. At each of the 3 levels, your child will follow a central core co-curriculum, as well as choosing additional options to suit personal preferences and interests.

As part of the Diploma your child will make online written entries, rather as you would into a diary, which encourage the discipline of self-reflection and self-evaluation. In this way all your child’s achievements in and outside the classroom become structured into a vital personal CV.