Co-Curriculum - Summer 2020

Felsted prides itself on providing excellent character development beyond the classroom and we are not about to stop now! We are conscious that Government limits families from leaving your home and with lessons now taking place online students may be spending more time sitting down in front of a screen than they are used to! 

Our 'All Round Education' microsite is packed full of resources and ideas for pupils to continue their character development; there are ways to keep physically fit, activities to help develop important life skills, competitions to help discover and develop their creative side and a page dedicated to helping households relax and spend quality time together.

Activities include: Artwork Challenge, Book Club, Chapel, Combined Cadet Force, Cookery Challenge, Design your own sports shirt, Duke of Edinburgh, Environmental Challenges, Film making, Google Digital Skills, Headspace Meditation, Knitting Challenge, Leadership Challenges, Language films & activities, Learn a new Language, Music lessons, recitals, and concerts, Photography Challenge, Round Square activities, RSPB Challenges, Sporting Challenges, Strava Club, Ted Talks, Thursday Theatre, Virtual Acquarium, Virtual Holidays, Yoga, Zen Music, Zumos

Senior School pupils should continue to track their experiences via the Felsted Diploma. Prep School pupils can use the different Felsted Leaders Schemes dependent on each phase of the School. We would also love you to share your experiences with us via email or Twitter (please tag us @FelstedSchool and use the hashtag #FelstedatHome) - we'd love to see what you've been getting up to and add your pictures to our slideshow!

All Round Education Microsite 

Inspiring Passions

Listen to any ‘Desert Island Discs’ interview and you’ll hear of a pivotal moment in the interviewee’s life when a spark was ignited, a curiosity born or a life-long passion inspired. The inspiration invariably happens during the interviewee’s formative years, often at school. On occasion the role of a teacher is even publically acknowledged.

That is why at Felsted dedicated teachers will provide your child with a very rich diet of sport, music, drama and art alongside a plethora of extra curricular options such as Ceramics, Medical society, Pilates, Photography, Debating or Travel Media. 

A Felsted Boarding School student participates in the Model United Nations

Our job is to help your child unearth his or her strengths, interests and talents. It doesn’t matter what fields these lie in. Indeed, former Felstedians have held senior positions and seen success in such diverse areas as the arts, academia, business, media, medicine, the military, public service, science and sport. What matters is that your child finds his or her inspiration and leaves us with passions that will be fulfilling and sustaining in later life.

You won’t find many schools with a longer list of extracurricular optionsGood Schools Guide