Weekend Activity Programme

Felsted offers a comprehensive weekend activity programme for our traditional full boarders. This exciting programme includes a number of indoor, outdoor, physical, recreational and cultural activities.

Shopping and cinema trips to Braintree, Chelmsford and Cambridge are a regular Felsted favourite along with evening meals out to local restaurants and outings to Theme Parks and tourist attractions.

All houses have games consoles and subscriptions to film libraries and sports channels so there is a lot to do in the comfort of the boarding houses too. Each Sunday there is brunch followed by coffee club, plus a choice of an outing or an indoor activity such as dodgeball, baking, chess, water polo and craft making… the list goes on!

As well as these planned Sunday outings, the Activities Team offer a range of alternatives for Felsted students to enjoy on a Sunday.

Lewis Mann, Sunday Activities Club Coordinator, sums up the perfect Sunday below:

We all know Sundays are a day for relaxing or catching up on the sorts of things we have not had the chance to do in the week, whether that be cramming in the last four episodes of our favourite Netflix series, or blowing the cobwebs off the long forgotten trainers and having a good run around outside.

Starting with Coffee Club on a Sunday morning in Aroma, where students can socialise and chat to their friends or get stuck into the Sunday newspaper or latest magazine and just shut the world away for an hour.

After we have all had our fair share of relaxation/socialising it is time to roll out the fun. In the afternoon we offer a range of activities, from dodge ball to crafts (cake baking, card making), from Felsted Monopoly (an interactive game, where students have to complete a range of tasks around the local area in order to win that part of the board) to movie Sundays, or my personal favourite, the Sunday quiz. Whatever the activity, our aim is to make it fun and rewarding for our boarders!