Senior Day

Felsted is proud of the broad and exciting education it provides for day pupils, allowing them to take equal advantage of all the facilities and opportunities available to their boarding contemporaries, while continuing to live with their families.

Felsted’s two Day Houses, Manor for girls and Montgomery’s for boys, offer unique positions in the centre of the School with pupils forming an essential part of the school community. Supported by a Housemaster or Housemistress, an Assistant, Matron and a Tutor Team, in parallel with the boarding option, day pupils are supported to achieve independence, develop academic focus and acquire leadership skills. HMs and Tutors keep parents informed of progress, in addition to the online access parents have to their child’s grades, reports, rewards and homework diary.

Day students are encouraged to develop their talents and interests and are able to participate fully in all the drama, music, sports and extra-curricular activities on offer, including House competitions, at the same time as experiencing a full home life. Many pupils who are competing at a high level in a particular sport or hobby choose the day option so they can take advantage of development programmes and competitions outside school e.g. horse riding

Lower Sixth day pupils take on leadership roles within their House, learning the importance of responsibility, looking after other pupils and organising House competitions and events. In the Upper Sixth, all pupils (boarding and day) will normally transfer to Garnetts or Windsor's, the Upper Sixth Form Houses, where dedicated study spaces are provided for day pupils. Many day pupils take the opportunity at this stage to try their hand at boarding, as they prepare for life after school, with different flexible options available.

The School Day

  • Registration at 8.15am is followed at 8.30am by School Assembly (Monday), House Assembly (Tuesday), Chapel (Wednesday and Friday) and Tutor Time (Thursday).
  • Lessons are punctuated by breaks mid-morning, lunchtime and mid-afternoon, where pupils return to Manor or Monts to socialise with a drink and snacks and to get ready for their next classes. A Costa Coffee outlet also proves popular with the pupils.
  • Pupils may leave school at 6.00pm Monday to Friday and by 4.00pm on Saturdays.
  • After supper at 6.00pm, which day girls are welcome to enjoy, they are able to attend drama productions, music rehearsals, society meetings and dinners.
  • A fleet of minibuses serve a number of different routes to Felsted. They arrive at school by 8.10am, leave at 6.10pm and also run on Saturday mornings.

I can enjoy all that Felsted has to offer, but go home at the end of the day to enjoy family life and home cooking.