Elwyn House, set back from the rest of the school with breathtaking views of the front, has always been a popular House. With its great independence (being the only boys boarding house not connected to another House), and its family feel, Elwyn’s is a great community. Elwyn’s is proud of its happy atmosphere and overall good sense of humour, with boys from all ages making good solid friendships. The House has the capacity to accommodate 70 boys very comfortably and is a very enjoyable and comfortable place to live.

Elwyn's celebrates success in every area of School life, whether it be sport, music, drama, art, academic or service to others in any way. We pride ourselves on having a diverse and varied range of talent in the House and encourage all members to participate fully in School and Community Life in the broadest possible sense. The boys are rarely scared of giving anything a go because just being part of the House gives them the confidence to get out there and try.

Elwyn's House was commissioned by The Reverend Richard Elwyn (former Headmaster of King's School Rochester). He chose the notable architect Sir Reginald Blomfield to design the house, and it was completed in 1900 at a cost of £8,000.

Contact Information

Housemaster: Mr Tom Galvin
Telephone 01371 822740
Address: Elwyn House, Felsted School, Felsted, Essex. CM6 3JW
House Mobile: 07764 332933
Email: tpcg@felsted.org