Deacon's is a thriving boarding house for boys in Year 9 - L6. An active and lively House, with a friendly atmosphere, it truly is the boys’ ‘home from home’ and somewhere they can go about acquiring the values of honesty, integrity and respect. The house is a friendly place to be and there are no unfamiliar faces, despite there being over 60 boys.

Deacon’s house motto is ‘Accept the Challenge’ and the boys take great pride in taking part in all the inter-house competitions. It would not be unduly modest of them to claim that many of these trophies sit in the house trophy cabinet. As a result, Deacon’s boys enjoy an enviable reputation for being fiercely competitive and not scared to give anything a go.

Many boys are attracted to the House by the challenge of meeting these high standards and the sense of team spirit stimulated by its competitive ethos. Over the years, Deacon's has had many academic, all-round and sporting scholars, artists, musicians, members of the CCF, Heads of School, Oxbridge Scholars, as well as many 1st team sport players. There are still many in the House today, which means anyone joining Deacon’s can be sure of both support and encouragement from everyone as he strives to become the best version of himself he can be.

Contact Information

Housemaster: Mr Barny Bury
Telephone: 01371 822760
Address: Deacon's House, Felsted School, Felsted, Essex. CM6 3JQ
House Mobile: 07764 332941