Senior Boarding

Boarders at Felsted undoubtedly lead full lives, as they have the time to ensure academic work is completed to a high standard, to be involved in a breadth of co-curricular activities and to build lifelong friendships. Personal qualities such as confidence, independence, organisation and leadership are developed in a caring and happy community.

Freedom and responsibility increases as your child moves through the School, which naturally reflects what would happen at home. Pupils benefit from the advice and support of caring and experienced adults at school as well as from their parents. By the time Felsted boarders leave in the Sixth Form, they are fully prepared for university and adult life.

We offer a number of contemporary boarding options to suit modern family life, each bringing different individual benefits. Our boarding houses stay open throughout the term, only closing at half term and main school holidays. A jam-packed weekend activity programme keeps our full boarders happy and stimulated.

Boarding Options:

3 nights: Contemporary Boarding
5 nights: Weekly Boarding
7 nights: Traditional Full Boarding

It is a joy to see so many happy, confident and empowered young people at the recent Thorne House Feast. The atmosphere and warmth between the girls in the house could not be missed.

Felsted Houses

Felsted Houses are the beating heart of the Senior School. Whether your child is a day pupil or a boarder, life will revolve around his or her house. It’s a place to relax, study, make snacks and sleep; it’s a safe space to store possessions, an environment in which you are well known and advised by staff, and a community where lifelong friendships are forged.

Each of the main Houses for Years 9-13, two day and eight boarding, has a committed HM (Housemaster or Housemistress), supported by an Assistant HM, Tutors and Matron. Each is a unique community with its own family atmosphere and much-loved traditions.

Which is the best? Whichever one you are in! Your child will form strong attachments and real loyalty to his or her house. Allegiance is regularly demonstrated through a variety of inter-house competitions, including the gleefully awaited annual ‘House Shout’.

Senior School Houses Boys Girls
Yrs 9-12 Day Houses Mont's Manor
Yrs 9-12 Boarding Houses Deacons
Yr 13 Houses Windsor's Garnetts

It’s like a huge family with 55 siblings. I love that all the year groups mix. We help the younger girls and ask the older ones for advice on what to expect in exams and other things, as they’ve already been there.Lizzy Year, 11



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