Prep Day

Our youngest children in Reception to Year 2 start the day at 8.45am and finish at 3.30pm. Those with older siblings in the Prep School may arrive from 8.15am and The 'Woodlanders' After School Club is available for those that need care until 5.45pm, though does need to be booked in advance.

For children in Years 3 and above (ages 7+), the school day begins at 8.20am and ends at the latest by 5.50pm Monday to Friday, except Wednesdays when all day pupils go home at 3.45pm after sporting fixtures.

Saturday morning school begins from Year 7 (optional from Year 5), and after sporting commitments in the afternoon the day ends at approximately 2.00pm. Day pupils in Years 5-8 may stay for tea and evening activities/homework at an extra charge, but must be collected by 7.45pm.