Boarding & Day

Our boarding culture

Felsted’s boarding culture is at the heart of the holistic education we offer all our pupils. Irrespective of whether your child boards, and many choose to as they progress through the school, he or she will benefit tremendously from the boarding culture. There is no substitute for an extended day in affording your child time and space to explore his or her unique combination of passions and interests outside the classroom. This, in turn, greatly strengthens confidence within the classroom.

Many staff members live on site, generously investing as much time as your child requires. As such, they will know your child holistically in a way that isn’t possible in a typical day school. In this way mutual respect is born. Most importantly of all, though, is the community that a boarding culture creates. By living, working and sharing life’s inevitable ups and downs on one beautiful, spacious campus, both staff and pupils become fiercely loyal to the community. It is this loyalty that makes staff go the extra mile for their students and students commit to being the best they can be for their teachers, friends and school.

Felsted School shortlisted Boarding school of the year award by independent school awards 2018



Boarding in 2020

Felsted Boarding 2020

We have created a short video so that you can learn more about what we have put in place to ensure boarding is safe for our pupils. It is wonderful to see staff and pupils working together to make it a safe and rewarding experience. We hope that it will give an insight into what a positive experience boarding can still be.


Pupil Wellbeing

Some children sail through their teenage years seemingly unaffected by hormones and exams; for others being a teenager can prove a more challenging time. Like you, we hope your child will not experience too many difficulties, but we’re equipped to offer professional expertise if necessary. All the House teams are experts in dealing with teenagers and are trained in mental health and first aid.


I remain very happy that my daughter decided on Felsted. The support she has received from her Houseparents, Matron and the spectacular wider team has been nothing short of legendary.