Prep School Virtual Sports Day

Results and compilation videos!

Well done to everyone who took part over Week 9 in our first ever Virtual Sports Day - we were absolutely overwhelmed with its popularity and success. Over 206 pupils took part!

Please sit back and enjoy seeing the results and compilation videos for each phase of the School. I hope you found the experience fun and rewarding - your League needed you!


Results and Thank you from Miss Knifton and Mr Bevitt-Smith

Please click here to see the results spreadsheet and watch the video above

Ffrome Court


Courtauld House


Welcome to your first Virtual Sports Day!

With the Summer Terms major sports event having to be called off this year, we have gone virtual! All pupils will have the opportunity to represent their League in Week 9 in as many events as they wish (maximum of 10) for Felsted Prep School's virtual Sports Day.

We are delighted that you will be part of this week and hope you enjoy the activities and tasks that have been created in order to receive points for your League.  Each specific task, with detailed instructions, will be found through clicking on each tab below. Immerse yourself in each of the events, wear your League top with pride and we look forward to seeing you shine! 

Check out the interactive videos below from Mr Bevitt-Smith, Miss Knifton and your League Captians to get you motivated and ready for action. 


A message from your League Captains



Events will go live at 10am on Monday 22nd June and last submission is at 7pm on Sunday 28th June. Good luck! Have a practice at each before you submit your results with your best scores. 

  • Should you wish to print the instructions for each event and take it with you click here. This site can be accessed from any device whilst you are out and about so you can look back at the videos for reference at any point. 
  • We advise that you practice each event as many times as you can before measurement/timing in order to achieve your best score. 
  • You only get the opportunity to submit the form once.
  • You must upload video evidence of taking part in the events you choose. This can easily be added to the form. Make sure it is your best take! 
  • You should be in your house colours (face paints optional!)
  • May the best League win!

Submitting Results

You will be submitting your results by phase. 

Please note: You can only submit the form once and ensure you complete the correct form. They are titled Ffrome Court, Cloisters and Courtauld House. 

If you experience any issues with the form or submitting videos (10GB max per video), please email or

Please watch this short video seminar from Miss Knifton to help you upload your results. 


Sports Day Events

Please click on each tab below to see instructions, a short tutorial and scoring grade boundaries for each event. 

You may enter/try as many events as you like for your League. 

Scoring System:

Bronze award - 10 points
Silver award - 15 points
Gold award - 20 points
Platinum award - 25 points