Tatler Schools Guide Review

We were delighted with our latest review in the Tatler Schools Guide
The 2024 review is available to purchase and will be available online soon. Meanwhile, follow the link below to read the full 2023 review.


Kindness, enthusiasm, tolerance, and happiness take centre stage, fostering a cheerful and grounded atmosphere in which the boys and girls thrive. Tatler Schools Guide 2024


Charming and enthusiastic head Chris Townsend is genuinely interested in each pupil. Tatler Schools Guide 2024


Renowned among local and far-flung families alike. Tatler Schools Guide 2024


...a down to earth school where anyone is welcome and there's no such thing as fitting the mould. Tatler Schools Guide 2024


Sports are for all...there are top-of-the-range facilities on-site. Tatler Schools Guide 2024


...the clamour is easy to understand.

Tatler Schools Guide 2023


It’s not all pomp and politics here. Philanthropy runs deep, too.

Tatler Schools Guide 2023


This rich cultural tapestry leads to rigorous discussion of global issues.

Tatler Schools Guide 2023


...this is an un-snobbish, forward-thinking place that welcomes different perspectives and is committed to embracing even more.

Tatler Schools Guide 2023