Senior House Allocation

Felsted Houses are at the heart of the Senior School experience. Whether your child is a boarder or day pupil, life will revolve around the House and many factors are taken into account to ensure an appropriate mix between the Houses, based on families’ preferences, ensuring a spread of interests and strengths across the Houses and seeking to take friendships into account. 

Ordinarily, we would have already invited you to visit our houses and meet with the House teams.  As this is not possible at the moment, we have created virtual tours of each House, along with introductions to the House teams and pupil testimonials. We do hope this gives you a sense of life at Felsted and gives a good introduction before attending the virtual events, including live Q&A sessions, in February. 

We have three Girls' Houses (two boarding and one day), and four Boys' Houses (three boarding and one day).  

If you have any queries please contact Emma Carpenter, Senior School Registrar, on / 07788 318973.

Senior School Houses