Scholarships & Awards

Scholarships and Mary Skill Awards are available for candidates showing excellence in and commitment to Academic subjects, Music, Art, Sport, Design, Technology & Engineering (DTE) and Drama.

Scholarships can be worth up to 20% off the fees, details of which of which can be found below.

All awards make a student eligible to apply for additional financial support through a means-tested top-up bursary.

Bursary Information


Scholarship & Award Details

Please read the Scholarship & Awards Booklet (link below) to determine if your child is eligible or call to discuss eligibility with the Admissions Team. Each candidate will need to register, sit our Standard Entry Assessment and complete a scholarship application form before being considered for an Award or Scholarship.

Scholarship & Awards Booklet - September 2022 Entry

Exam Dates 2022 Entry

11+ Entry Scholarships - 2021 Entry Date
Standard Entry Assessment Saturday 27 November 2021
Scholarship & Award Assessments  
Cricket, Hockey, Tennis January 2022
Art, DTE (Design Technology & Engineering) January 2022
Core Sport Assessments (All Sports), Cricket, Netball, Drama, Music (Grade 3 level) January 2022
Academic & Music (Grade 4 level and above) Scholarship Assessments January 2022


13+ & 16+ Entry Scholarships - 2021 Entry
Virtual Interviews to take place surrounding the dates below
Academic (16+) 17 November 2021
Sport (13+) 18 November 2021
Sport (16+) 19 November 2021
Music* 24 November 2021
Art 16 November 2021
Design Technology & Engineering 16 November 2021
Drama 26 November 2021
Academic (13+)
At the invitation of the Headmaster
21 February 2022

*These dates include our joint Junior Guildhall/Felsted Music Scholarships. Outstanding candidates are invited to a second audition in London.

Mrs Emma Carpenter
Senior Admissions Registrar
(ages 13-18)

+44 (0)1371 822605

Susan Godfrey, Prep Admissions Registrar
Mrs Susan Godfrey 
Prep Admissions Registrar
(ages 4-12)

+44 (0)1371 822611

Gemma Kilby, International Admissions Registrar
Miss Gemma Kilby
International Admissions Registrar (4-18)

+44 (0)1371 822608