Get to know Felsted Pre-Prep

Is your child starting school in 2019 or 2020? Sign up to one of our events below to learn more about Felsted Pre Prep. We also have a few places remaining in Yrs 1-2.

Why Felsted?

Your child is about to embark on the biggest and most important adventure of his or her life. Education. It’s a lifelong adventure that will continue through and beyond the different ‘phases’ of Felsted Prep.

If your child joins Felsted Pre-Prep, the educational adventure will start in a light and modern building, with small class sizes and an environment that balances aspirations with warmth, kindness and praise. Academic success is prized but so is laughter and having fun whilst learning. Your child will make lots of friends along the way and be known, supported and valued by nurturing and talented teachers.

Taster Sessions

Join us for some free, fun and interactive learning Taster Mornings.  These sessions are for children starting Reception in 2019 and 2020 These sessions also provide parents with an ideal opportunity to meet and interact with families and children of the same age. 

Forest Fun
Friday 26 April 2019
For Reception entry in 2020

10.30 & 1.45pm slots available 

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Wednesday 15 May 2019
For Reception entry in 2019

9am, 11am, 2pm slots available 

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Whole School Open Morning
Saturday 11 May

9.15am: Presentation and tours of Felsted Prep School
(entry ages 4-12)
10.45am: Presentation and tours of Felsted Senior School
(entry ages 13-18)
12.30pm: Refreshments, followed by lunch

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Felsted has provided the perfect education, support and opportunities for our children. However, the most important thing for us is that they have always been so happy at school, often wishing the holidays over just to get back to the exciting agendas ahead, which is wonderful.Felsted Parent