Year 7 Taster Experience

Welcome to our Year 7 Taster Experience for September 2023 entry. 

In order to ensure that as many families as possible have the opportunity to experience Felsted, we have a series of interactive sample lessons and messages from pupils & staff available below, to give you a taste of life at Felsted School.  We have a mixture of academic and creative lessons for you to enjoy; you can watch (and pause) them at your convenience and children can submit any work that they complete. There is a feedback form below and you can also use the links to upload work.  Everyone who sends work in will receive a certificate of completion. Children who are offered a place will be invited to an on-site taster day in the Spring Term.

Have some fun with our super samba percussion lesson, stretch your artistic talents in our colourful Tree Time exercise or help Maurice the Monkey solve his mathematical challenge… all this plus much more can be found below!

Your Taster Experience Schedule 

We ask that you complete the below during November, so you can take your time and enjoy the activities on offer. 

  1. Watch the 'Introduction to Life in Courtauld House' with Mr Mark Stringer and Lula and Tom, Year 8 pupils.
  2. We encourage you to take part in as many of these as you would like to. The lessons are pre-recorded so you can pause, watch again and take your time completing them. Please allow approximately one hour for each of the lessons.
  3. Complete the Feedback Form by the end of November, which also allows you to upload some of your work if you would like to share it with us. This can be found at the bottom of this page.



Sample Lessons


Tree Art with Miss Mitch! There are three stages to this task - you can do all three or print out the pre-prepared tree with squares and get creative colouring some in! You will need paper, a pencil and ideally some colouring pencils (but not essential). Extension exercise for budding artists - get outside and sketch a tree. There are a few videos for each of these so enjoy watching them first and we look forward to seeing your creations!


Learn about Personification with Mr Bailey! Take part in this practical autumn English exercise with our current Year 6s. Print out the worksheet and success critiera before you begin. It should take approx 30-40 minutes.


Monkey Business! Take part in a Year 6 Fractions lesson with Mr Gray and Maurice the Monkey! The first part of the lesson provides a fraction refresher and then we have 3 Levels of Challenge for you to complete with the class - do one, two or all three! Print out the worksheet - please allow an hour for these challenges. Answers available at the end!


Visit Brazil and learn about Samba! Get up, move and tap out some rhythm patterns! Grab a drum if you have one or saucepan and wooden spoon and get involved!


Hola! Learn about the weather in Spanish/español Get involved at home and take part - fantastico! Print out the worksheet that goes with this class before you begin!


Taster Day Feedback Form



Please contact us if you require any assistance with taking part in our Virtual Taster Experience

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Susan Godfrey, Admissions Registrar