International Admissions

International Admissions media

Felsted has a long and well-established tradition of educating pupils from all over the world. Our international pupils make a major contribution to the richness and diversity of community life at Felsted and we welcome applications from overseas full boarders from Year 5, as well as relocating families with younger children.

The international intake makes up 20% of our total pupil body, with a dedicated introductory week held at the beginning of each academic year (called LEAP week) in which our new overseas pupils are introduced to Felsted School Life. This induction gives these pupils a head start before term begins so that they get to know their way around the campus, make strong friendships, meet their key teachers and arrange their uniform. The week also includes some fun cultural trips to London and Cambridge and is a key part of integration into Felsted.


International Mix at Felsted

Bermuda Kazakhstan Philippines
China Luxembourg Romania
Croatia Malawi Russia
Dubai Mallorca Singapore
Estonia Malta Spain
France Mexico Switzerland
Germany Monaco UAE
Italy Netherlands Uzbekistan

Entrance Requirements and Procedures

Further details regarding the entry procedure can be found below, but there are four steps to follow:

  • First steps: The pupil’s details and documents are to be sent to the International Registrar
  • Registration 
  • Entry Testing
  • Visiting Felsted School (Skype interviews can be organised if a visit is not feasible)

We aim to make our International Admissions process as smooth as possible for families, so please do contact us at any stage if you would like further clarification.

Gemma Kilby, International Admissions Registrar

Miss Gemma Kilby
International Admissions Registrar

Felsted School, Felsted, Essex CM6 3LL
Telephone: +44 (0)1371 822608

Next Steps for International Admissions

Pupil information

In the first instance, please send the following documents to the International Registrar, Gemma Kilby

  • The pupil’s basic information; as a minimum their full name, gender, date of birth, first language, country of residence, nationality as per passport, year and year group of entry.  Please also provide the full names of both parents or those with parental responsibility.
  • The pupil’s most recent school reports, including predicted GCSE grades if applicable.
  • The pupil’s personal statement or a completed online pupil information form (please request from the Admissions team).
  • An Educational Psychologists report, if this applies to the pupil.
  • Any other supporting documents that you would like to be taken into consideration, e.g. language certificates, UKiset reports, extra-curricular or academic certificates.

Please wait for confirmation of available places before proceeding to the next step


Registration can be completed online.


Entry testing

Our tests can be taken remotely at the pupil’s current school, a lawyer’s office or British Council office.  They can also be taken at an educational agent or consultant’s office if this is a service they provide.

Once your child is registered with us, please send the name and email address of your nominated invigilator to Miss Gemma Kilby,, so that the test instructions can be sent directly.

Please find an outline of the tests required below, though it should be noted that we may ask for additional testing if there is a particular area that we wish to investigate further.  

If your child is taking GCSEs / IGCSEs but you are not be able to provide GCSE / IGCSE predicted grades, full testing in English and Maths will need to be organised.

If Felsted School will be sponsoring your child’s visa, this will need to be organised before your child receives GCSE / IGCSE results.  In this case, your child must complete English and Maths testing as a matter of course.

  English 1st Language English as an Additional Language
  Applications for Year 9, 10 & 12 without GCSEs Year 12 applications with GCSEs Applications for Year 9, 10 & 12 without GCSEs Year 12 applications with GCSEs
English Paper (60 minutes) Yes - - -
Online EAL English (90 minutes) - - Yes Yes
Online Maths (45 - 60 minutes) Yes - Yes
Verbal Reasoning (45 minutes) Yes Yes -

Organising a visit

There are a number of staff and pupils involved in our visits and we aim to make the experience as positive and informative as possible.  Families often travel quite some distance in order to visit us and we want to ensure that their time spent at Felsted is time well spent.

We do request a minimum of two weeks’ notice to organise a visit, and we do ask that visits are organised during term time, avoiding our exeat weekends as well as the first few days at the start of term and the last few days at the end of term.  For assistance with your planning, please find our term dates for the coming year here.  

We do prefer pupils that visit us, so we can meet each other face-to-face, but if this is not possible, please contact our International Admissions Registrar, using the details below.

If you will be visiting us prior to registration,  please complete the online enquiry form here. Once all steps are complete, we aim to make a decision within one week during term time.

Pupil Profiles

Sara - Gibraltar

The passion of the teachers and the fantastic facilities for sport, art, music and drama meant I really enjoyed my lessons and had so much to do in my free time. 

Read More about Sara - Gibraltar
Isabella - Singapore

One of the reasons I enjoy Felsted so much is  the involvement and commitment my teachers have in my studies. They go above and beyond to ensure you succeed to the best of your ability. 

Read More about Isabella - Singapore
Annika - Germany

Before Felsted, I never really thought of my future, I figured I would take everything as it comes and go with it. But since Felsted, I see how much I’ve changed - that I want to explore things, get into interesting debates with people, especially those who don’t share my opinion and I’m really happy and grateful for that. 

Read More about Annika - Germany
James - Portugal

I originally joined Felsted in 2005 but had a 5-year stint out in Bahrain and Portugal before returning to Felsted in 2012 for year 7. I have always enjoyed my music and play the trumpet and piano, as well as singing in the choir. I have played rugby since I joined Felsted, but I made the switch over to football last year, and now play goalkeeper for the 1XI.

Read More about James - Portugal
Diletta - Italy

One of the particularities that I truly like about Felsted is that they encourage you to do many activities. Not all of them are compulsory but almost all of them are super interesting. These are really important if study the IB Diploma. If you participate, you are guaranteed to meet lots of new people. 

Read More about Diletta - Italy
Rose - Bermuda

I joined Felsted School from Bermuda in February 2018 as a sports scholar. When I came to Felsted school I was welcomed very kindly and settled in quickly. 

Read More about Rose - Bermuda


Years for Entry & Places Available

The best years for international pupils to enter Felsted are Year 7, Year 9, Year 10 or Year 12.  We do take international pupils from Year 5, and may have spaces available in other year groups – please call us for advice on the year group of your child.

In Years 5-8, we have approximately 10 boarding places for international pupils in our Prep School boarding house, Hamilton House.  In Year 9 and above, approximately 20% of all pupils are international pupils, totalling around 110.

Felsted aims to recruit a wide range of nationalities and limit the number of pupils per language group to ensure that every pupil makes friends from different countries, cultures and backgrounds.  Although diversity is much more than the country that you come from, there are vast benefits of being a part of an international environment, within the wider community of a traditional British school.

Language Level Guidelines

We expect our international students to be at a certain CEFR language level, depending on what year they are joining Felsted.

The minimum requirements are as follows:
For entry into Year 9: B1
For entry into Years 10, 11 and L6th: B2
For entry into L6th to study the IB: High level B2

The CEFR is the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. This internationally recognised framework describes language ability on a scale of levels from A1 for beginners up to C2 for those who have mastered a language. The CEFR is used by organisations all over the world as a reliable benchmark of language ability.

For further information about the CEFR, including a chart explaining the requirements for each level, please click here.

Number of places for international students

In Years 5-8, we have approximately 10 boarding places for international students in our Prep School Boarding House.

In Years 9 and above, we have approximately 105 international boarding places (20% of total). Felsted aims to recruit a wide range of nationalities (currently around 25) and to restrict the number per nationality.

Sixth Form Requirements

For Sixth Form entry (Year 12, age 16 on entry) a standard equivalent to 32 points at GCSE is expected, with at least 6 points in the subjects a pupils wishes to study at A Level or Higher Level with the IB Diploma.

For pupils who join us without GCSEs or IGCSEs, equivalent qualifications, school reports and our testing will be used to ascertain suitability for the school.

Short term places

We encourage pupils to join Felsted on a longer-term basis and to become part of our community.  For this reason we are unable to accommodate short-terms stays.  We do ask for pupils to make a personal commitment to their period of study with us, for example, the full two-year GCSE, IB or A Level courses.

For pupils who wish to experience Felsted for a short-term stay we have our Academic Summer School.

EAL (English as an Additional Language)

Pupils who do not speak English as a first language, and who are identified as needing additional English language support, may be advised to have EAL lessons if they need to improve their English language skills.

In addition to EAL classes there is a drop in session available to all year groups where students can get support with their studies. A Higher Level Teaching Assistant is also available to support EAL students in lessons if needed (typically English, Geography, History, Classics and Religious Studies).

Please click here to find out more

Application deadlines

Due to high demand, please apply as early as possible to secure a place. However, places can become available at any time, so do please contact us to check on a chance place.

Scholarships for overseas students

The same scholarships are available to overseas students as to UK students. These include Academic, Music, Art, Design and Technology, Drama and Sport Scholarships. Applications from outstanding students for the Junior Guildhall/Felsted Music Scholarship, the 6th Form Maths and Science Scholarships are also welcome. Further details can be found via the tab below.