International Admissions

Felsted has a long and well established tradition of educating pupils from all over the world. Our international pupils make a major contribution to the richness and diversity of community life at Felsted and we welcome applications every year.

The international intake makes up 20% of our total pupil body, with a dedicated week held at the beginning of each academic year (called LEAP week), where all our international students are introduced to Felsted School Life. This induction gives these pupils a head start before term begins so that they get to know their way around campus, have met their key teachers, their uniform is all arranged and they have made key friendships. The week also includes some fun cultural trips to London and Cambridge and is a key part of integration into Felsted.


Current International Mix at Felsted
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Entrance Requirements and Procedures

We welcome international students from the age of 9 and work with families and agents to ensure the smoothest admissions process to Felsted. In the first instance a copy of your child's recent school report and a registration form should be completed and sent to the International Admissions Registrar. Once reviewed, we will arrange for an entrance exam to be taken. This varies depending on age and whether the child will be learning English as an additional language. The exam can be carried out at the child's current school, at an agent office or here at Felsted. A visit to the school is also required for an interview with the Headmaster before an offer can be made (Skype interviews can be organised if a visit is not feasible).

We aim to make our International Admissions process as smooth as possible for families, so please do contact us at any stage if you would like further clarification.

Miss Gemma Kilby
International Admissions Registrar

Felsted School, Felsted, Essex CM6 3LL
Telephone: +44 (0)1371 822608

Pupil Profles

Rose, Year 10, Bermuda

I joined Felsted School from Bermuda in February 2018 as a sports scholar. When I came to Felsted school I was welcomed very kindly and settled in quickly. 

Read More about Rose, Year 10, Bermuda
Cameron, Year 13, Bermuda

I joined Felsted to study A Levels in the Sixth Form and have loved every minute. I am able to pursue my studies at a high level in Maths, Chemistry and Physics, but also take part in all the sports I love, particularly rugby and running.

Read More about Cameron, Year 13, Bermuda

Language Level Guidelines

We expect our international students to be at a certain CEFR language level, depending on what year they are joining Felsted.

The minimum requirements are as follows:
For entry into Year 9: B1
For entry into Years 10, 11 and L6th: B2
For entry into L6th to study the IB: High level B2

The CEFR is the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. This internationally recognised framework describes language ability on a scale of levels from A1 for beginners up to C2 for those who have mastered a language. The CEFR is used by organisations all over the world as a reliable benchmark of language ability.

For further information about the CEFR, including a chart explaining the requirements for each level, please click here.

Best years for entry

The best years for an overseas student to enter Felsted are in Years 5 to 10 (ages 9 to 14) and Year 12 (age 16). We will accept students mid-year if space allows, but this is rare and not to be recommended after Year 9.

Number of places for international students

In Years 5-8, we have approximately 10 boarding places for international students in our Prep School Boarding House.

In Years 9 and above, we have approximately 105 international boarding places (20% of total). Felsted aims to recruit a wide range of nationalities (currently around 25) and to restrict the number per nationality.

Sixth Form entry requirements

For Sixth Form entry (Year 12, age 16 on entry) a standard equivalent to 32 points at GCSE is expected, with at least 6 points in the subjects wishing to be studied at A Level or at Higher Level with the IB Diploma.

Short term places

We are happy to consider international students for one year only in Years 5 to 9 (ages 9 to 12). For Years 9 and above placements for one term or one year are not available.

Application deadlines

Due to high demand, please apply as early as possible to secure a place. However, places can become available at any time, so do please contact us to check on a chance place.

Scholarships for overseas students

The same scholarships are available to overseas students as to UK students. These include Academic, Music, Art, Design and Technology, Drama and Sport Scholarships. Applications from outstanding students for the Junior Guildhall/Felsted Music Scholarship, the 6th Form Maths and Science Scholarships are also welcome. Further details can be found via the tab below.

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