Felsted uses WisePay, a secure online payment service, to allow parents, guardians and extended family members, to make payments using debit or credit cards. The WisePay service operates in hundreds of private schools, state schools, local authorities, academies and colleges across the UK.

It allows payments to be made conveniently from home, office or anywhere that has an internet connection. Payments can be made 24/7. You do not have to wait until the school is open and you do not have to write cheques or find cash. Furthermore, at any time you can see your payment history in your “Wise Account”. Additionally, you can track every transaction that you make 24/7.

Please contact accounts@felsted.org or call 01371 822628 for your WisePay login details for payment of school fees, trips, pocket money etc.

For more information regarding WisePay, please click here.

Can I change my password?
You need to log in for the first time using the User Name and Password given. However, after you have logged in you are able to change the password given above to one of your choice. To do this, please go to your 'Wise Account' and then go to 'My Account Detail'. Please follow the on-screen instructions. Please be aware that your email address becomes your User Name if you change your password. For security purposes, please ensure that your 'Wise Account' password you choose is unique to your 'Wise Account' and that you do not use it for any other login. We recommend that you change the password issued above to your own password.

What can I do on my 'Wise Account'?
Once in your 'Wise Account' you can make payments online. You can also view your payment history by clicking on 'my Wise Account' tab at the top right of the page.

I have more than one child at Felsted
If you have more than one child at Felsted, you will receive a User Name and a Password for each child. You can either choose to keep each account separate or to merge multiple accounts. To do this, go to your Wise Account and at the bottom of the page, go in to 'Merge Accounts'. Please follow the on-screen instructions.