Payment Methods

Payments can be made by bank transfer, cheque, via our online payment system (Flywire) or by telephone using debit/credit card. Please click through the links below for more information and instructions for online payments, direct debits and paying fees in advance.

  • All fees are due for payment before the first day of term when the pupils return to school.
  • Details of our bank account are sent with the fee accounts. Please call the finance office if you require the details.
  • All cheques should be made payable to 'Felsted School' and sent to the Finance Manager.
  • Please quote your bill reference and pupil reference on all payments made by bank transfer.
  • Interest will be charged on bills outstanding after the beginning of term at the rate of 2% per annum.

Payment of School Fees in Advance

The School offers the option of paying for school fees in advance rather than making termly or monthly payments. The payer can be the parents or guardian of the child or anyone else who wishes to make a single lump sum payment to help with the cost of education for the child.

In return for a lump sum payment the School offers a credit to be applied against each term’s fees for a set number of terms. The difference between the total amount due each term (including increases in fees and any extras) and the credit applied will be shown on the termly fee bill. Payment of any such differences shall be made at the beginning of each term in accordance with the School’s standard terms and conditions.

The minimum period for payment by a lump sum is three terms’ fees up to a maximum of 15 terms fees. We normally assume that fees will increase by 4% per annum for the purposes of calculating the value of future fees; this can be changed if you wish.

Please contact the Finance Manager for details of the current discount available. The discount is not guaranteed by the Governors at any time in respect of contracts not already entered into, however, the discount is guaranteed for the duration of the investment. Under current tax legislation, the discount is allowed free of tax. There are other ways of meeting the costs of a child’s education and we recommend that parents and guardians should consult their professional adviser when deciding to enter the scheme or not.

The payment of a lump sum for the provision of a future fee credit does not in itself guarantee a child a place in the School, nor does it in any way alter the terms of entry to the School or entitle the child to preferential treatment. If the child is not offered/does not accept an offer/or leaves the School for whatever reason a refund will be made.

If you wish to have an illustration prepared for you based on a minimum of 3 terms fees, please provide the following information to the Finance Manager, 

  • Child's name
  • Date payment to be made
  • Number of terms fees to be paid
  • Date of first terms fees to be paid in advance e.g. Sep 2024
  • Current year group
  • Status in school e.g. day pupil/occasional boarder/full boarder
  • Any scholarships awarded and % of award
  • Inflation % to be applied (if no amount entered we will assume 4%)

Charitable Trusts

Some charitable trusts are prepared to consider applications for grants to help pay school fees. Information can be obtained from the Directory of Grant-Making Trusts, copies of which are in all public libraries. Our Bursar will be glad to provide further information; he can be contacted at / 01371 822621.