Sixth Form Curriculum

Choosing the right route for you

At Felsted we support both the IB Diploma and A Level pathways as we believe they offer a strong curriculum for different types of learner.

Both pathways should be considered by sixth form pupils as common misconceptions can often deter pupils from following a course that might be best suited to them.



Sixth Form - Academic Overview (5 mins)


Independent Learning

Whether taking IB, A Level or BTEC courses, independent learning is a key feature of Sixth Form study.

IB students will complete an 'Extended Essay' (EE) allowing them to set a working question, undertake research and benefit from supervision and guidance with an appropriate subject specialist. 

A Level and BTEC students will undertake an Extended Project Qualification ('EPQ'), for which they will identify a working question or hypothesis, undertake research and development of their ideas, write a report on their findings and conclusions and present their work to their supervisor and wider learning group. 

We believe that the benefits of EPQ and EE go well beyond the grade that can be achieved (EPQ grades are equivalent to an AS level, going up to A*). These independent learning opportunities enable pupils to explore topics of personal interest and enthusiasm, and scaffolds pupils to develop their approach to learning in readiness for university or the workplace. 


Careers and Higher Education

Our Professional Guidance Department provides clear, appropriate and individual advice, information, support and guidance so that you can make informed choices as you progress through the sixth form and into the world of work.

We identify 4 pathway routes for you to research. We advise you to prepare for two, to keep options open.

1. UK University
2. International University
3. Degree Apprenticeship
4. Direct workplace entry 

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