Prep School Curriculum

Your child is about to embark on the biggest and most important adventure of his or her life. Education. It’s a lifelong adventure that will continue through and beyond the different ‘phases’ of Felsted Prep.

Stewart House (Ages 4-6)

Our Creative Curriculum

If your child joins Stewart House their educational adventure starts in a light and modern building with small class sizes and an environment that balances aspirations with warmth, kindness and praise. Academic success is prized but so is laughter and having fun whilst learning. You child will make lots of friends along the way and be known, supported and valued by nurturing and talented teachers.

Children learn best when they don’t realise they are learning. That is why most of your child’s learning here will be topic based, through practical and purposeful play. Each topic is introduced with a tangible experience which acts as a reference point. Activities follow which encourage problem solving, enquiry and collaborative work.

The Transport topic might be introduced by a visit to Stansted Airport to meet a pilot. Later your child will ‘fly’ to Rome. After making a boarding pass, your child will pass through security to the classroom place, complete with ‘in-flight entertainment’ about the Trevi fountain. On arrival in Rome there will be numerous activities like painting the Sistine Chapel and making pizza for lunch. Your child will be thinking they are pretending to go to Rome; we know he or she will be honing skills in literacy, numeracy and science.

A Felsted Pre-Prep School student working with glue

Ffrome Court (Ages 7-9)

An Enriched Curriculum

Lessons are personalised, as are timetables, to ensure that the right levels of stretch and support are in place. We help the children to find out about themselves too. In working out how they learn best and in rising to the challenge of trying new activities, they start to gain in confidence and courage.

That’s why we offer an enriched curriculum in Ffrome Court; why every child learns a stringed instrument in Year 3 and takes the English speaking Board Examination in Year 4. It’s why your child will have the opportunity to represent the school at sport for the first time, take part in drama productions or concerts and start lessons in Art, Design Technology and ICT.

Subject Specialists

In Year 3, dedicated class teachers introduce pupils to the higher expectations of the Prep School. For some core subjects and activities, children are mixed across the year group, expanding their social horizons. In addition to their own dedicated class teacher, Year 4 pupils begin to leave their classrooms for the environments of specialist subject teachers. As the curriculum broadens, the children’s learning takes them out into the world. Trips are arranged, for example, to the British Museum and Colchester Castle, bringing to life their studies in History.

One of Felsted Prep's pupils working on a laptop

Cloisters (Ages 10-11)

Challenge and Stimulation

Your child’s lessons will all be with subject specialists now, enabling a greater depth of study. Personalised timetables and the broad curriculum continue, along with a wider range of trips to stimulate learning. A carefully structured timetable prioritises literacy and numeracy but also allows ample time to study a wide curriculum that includes ICT, Spanish, Science, Humanities, Art, Drama, Sport and Music. The curriculum also allows for all prep (homework) to be completed within the school day so home time is family time. More Academically Able (MAA) programme stretches those who require advancement in certain subjects while Learning Support is on hand for those who need extra help. Dedicated Form Tutors get to know each child very well during tutor time, monitoring all round progress and well-being.

Two Felsted Students working on a design project

Courtauld House (Ages 11-12)

Specialist teaching and high expectations

All your child’s lessons will be in small classes with specialist teachers, and your child will move between lessons in preparation for senior school. Setting is developed further and your child’s learning starts to become more self-led. Having his or her own chromebook allows your child to develop important research skills.

Our expectations of your child will be high, whether it’s public speaking, playing for the various teams at each age group, or improving Latin and German vocabulary. Your child won’t be alone though. Help is always on hand via the More Academically Able (MAA) programme, study skills workshops and professional support to boost a certain area.

Extended day

Although Courtauld House has its own facilities, your child will start to have lunch at the Senior School site and enjoy some of the exceptional facilities there. Whole-school initiatives, such as international awareness, are deepened through activities such as Model United Nations and Round Square programmes. The school day is extended to 6pm, and Saturday morning school is compulsory to accommodate all the opportunities your child will be keen to get immersed in. By the time your child starts Senior School they will be fully prepared for the next step in their educational adventure.

Our broad curriculum continues with English, Mathematics, Spanish, Science, History, Geography, Religious Education, Information and Communication Technology (ICT), Music, PE, Art and Design Technology & Engineering. Latin, French and German are also offered.

Felsted prep school student using a Bunsen Burner

Academic Extension Opportunities

At Felsted, our teachers are passionate about their subjects and they are committed to deliver flexible, creative lessons which stretch and challenge all children. Alongside this, we recognise the importance of allowing children to explore beyond the curriculum, to deepen their knowledge and understanding and satisfy their intellectual curiosity.

Our extensive programme of academic enrichment provides an ideal opportunity for pupils to challenge themselves on a regional, national and international level. at the heart of this programme is the desire to provide pupils with opportunities to extend themselves academically to achieve their own personal best.

Development of core skills is a key aim at Felsted and this is why STeM (Science, Technology, engineering and Mathematics), literacy and language development are the central themes of our enrichment programme. Central and entwined in this programme are opportunities to develop 21st century skills, to equip our pupils for careers in an ever changing world. Through these activities, pupils develop their ability to think creatively, communicate and collaborate effectively, whilst building strong digital skills.

Our academic enrichment programme fully supports the school ethos, with pupils having many opportunities to develop resilience, perseverance and a growth mindset through the challenging nature of the tasks set for them. Supported by subject specialists and on occasions senior school students or external experts, our pupils learn to lead their own learning, further developing their character to make a difference to the world around them.

Two students with finalist awards for a national engineering competition for girls

Who can get involved?

Pupils with academic Scholarships will be expected to attend at least one academic enrichment session each week. Teachers, parents or pupils themselves may also make recommendations for pupils to attend these sessions. This programme is open to any pupils whose interest and curiosity has been sparked in a particular area and we encourage all to take part.

What ages can access these opportunities?

Pupils from Years 5–8 can take part in most of these activities with some for Years 3-4.

How do I get involved?

Pupils need to sign up for these sessions as part of their activities programme, overseen by the Director of Co-Curricular activities.