Prep Reporting

This page is designed to support you in understanding the new reporting schedule, content and next steps for pupils within the Prep school. 

Reports should act as formal documents to communicate details of attainment and the progress each pupil is making during their time at Felsted. We suggest that the report is read, discussed and reflected on by pupils with their parents, as well as with their Tutors. If you have any questions following digestion of the information, please contact your Head of Phase or Christina Bury (Director of Learning) for advice regarding elements related to structure and process, and your son/daughter’s Tutor for pupil-specific advice.

Reports will outline areas of achievement and success as well as targets and next steps both for attainment and approach to learning. They should also serve as a channel of communication, through which we can all work together to support the overall progress of each child as an individual learner.

The ultimate aim of reporting is to increase academic dialogue between pupils, parents, teachers, pastoral staff and senior leaders. This will allow our pupils to make better overall progress and put metacognition at the forefront of their learning, allowing them to have a greater understanding and be more involved in their own developmental process.

Reports will contain current attainment and approach to learning grades with examination scores/grades and comments depending on year group, time of year and subject.

Reports will be available via the parent portal on iSAMS and parents will receive an email to let them know this has been completed. 

A brief outline of each aspect of the report for each pupil is below.

1. Attainment 

Grading Description
Exceeding Working well above the expected level for the Year Group
Above Expected Working above the expected level for the Year group
Expected Secure Working at the expected level for the Year Group
Within Expected Working within the expected level for the Year Group
Working Towards Working towards the expected level for the Year Group

Attainment grades in English and Maths are linked to external assessments and related to National Expected Standards for Years 1 and above.

In other departmental areas, the attainment grades rely on teacher judgement and are underpinned by all academic data available for the pupil at the time of writing. The starting point is the school’s historic data, which is then supplemented by central/cohort formative and summative assessments carried out throughout the year. 
Therefore it must be understood that grades may fluctuate at various stages of the course, depending on the individual academic progress pupils make, their approach to learning as well as the subject content of the specific topic areas being studied. 

Monitoring these changes, reflecting on baseline measurements and focusing on a pupil’s approach to learning is essential in ensuring the best outcomes possible for each Felstedian at all levels.  

2. Approaches to Learning

Separate judgements have been given for Approach to Learning. Approach to Learning is how the pupil engages with their studies and their teachers’ expectations. When grading a pupil on their Approach to Learning, teachers consider how engaged the pupil is in the lessons, to what extent they lead their own learning, both independently and through group work, and how proactive they are in their approach. Grading pupils based on their Approach to Learning, is in part subjective as it ensures that  the child’s learning habits and attitudes are the focus, therefore  promoting their ability to work smarter not harder.

Reports are on a four level scale (Exceptional, Above Expectations, Meeting Expectations and Needs Improvement) and are intentionally demanding.  We operate under extremely high standards and obtaining an ‘Exceptional’ is very difficult.  Obtaining ‘Needs Improvement’ is concerning and the pupil should reflect with their tutor and the relevant teacher/s about the reason for this descriptor and discuss how to improve over the next term and beyond.

(ATL) Grades