More Academically Able (MAA)

Felsted‘s More Academically Able (MAA) pupils are given the scope and encouragement to challenge themselves beyond the regular curriculum.

Areas of particular talent are recognised and set out to increase the child‘s understanding and interest. The MAA programme is nurtured throughout the school by trained and experienced MAA co-ordinators and teachers to help each student achieve his or her full potential.


Every one of my teachers went above and beyond to make sure that I was being challenged academically, often giving up their free time to do so. An all-round education is important to Felsted and being able to balance my studies with sport and other extra-curricular activities meant that I was happier, more productive, and therefore more successful in the long-run

Eliz Peck - Former History student at Trinity College, Cambridge
Felsted '00-'14

The enthusiasm of the teachers at Felsted most certainly rubs off onto the students, making the experience of learning both fun and rewarding. The support I received throughout the process was brilliant, both from the Classics department and throughout the entire school.

Aidan Quinlan - Classics Student at Somerville College, Oxford
Felsted '13-'15