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Felsted is one of a growing number of schools in the UK to embrace the International Baccalaureate Diploma as an alternative to A Levels and our considerable experience in the teaching of this demanding and stimulating programme means that today’s Felsted students are well placed to make the most of all the IB has to offer.

Recognised all over the world, the IB is a direct route into British and international universities, and offers excellent preparation for tertiary education. The intellectual rigour of the IB Programme, coupled with the breadth of co-curricular opportunities and Felsted’s vibrant international ethos prepares students to take a full part in the world beyond School, wherever their IB qualification may take them.

The International Baccalaureate Organisation aims to develop enquiring, knowledgeable and caring young people who help to create a better and more peaceful world through intercultural understanding and respect. The IB encourages students across the world to become active, compassionate and lifelong learners, through challenge and rigorous assessment.


The breadth and intensity of the IB course was an ideal preparation for the strains and stresses of university life; I learned to cope with pressure and to think for myself.

Why study the IB at Felsted?


The intellectual breadth and moral challenge of the Diploma gives IB pupils a vital edge when it comes to university applications and future career success. It is a well-respected qualification that is recognised world-wide.


Intellectually curious, IB pupils are almost twice as likely as their A-Level and equivalent peers to pursue further full-time study‡. The 4,000-word Extended Essay and the Theory of Knowledge element promote independent and critical thinking.


The holistic approach of the IB encourages pupils to be tolerant and open-minded, compassionate and principled. It promotes risk taking and reflection, so pupils are confident and creative and have the integrity and skills to succeed in a global economy.


IB pupils are more likely to be employed in graduate level jobs, and command higher salaries than their non-IB peers. Literate and numerate, linguistically and scientifically able, IB pupils are tremendously versatile and can demonstrate talents that are highly sought-after in today’s world.


Studying both literature and at least one foreign language, Felsted IB pupils are excellent communicators – articulate on paper as well as in person. The emphasis on Creativity, Activity, Service (CAS) encourages pupils to appreciate the need for a healthy balance of physical and mental activity that will stand them in good stead for adult life.

IB Diploma Average Score

Larissa Hewing - Top Achiever

Larissa joined Felsted for Sixth Form as a full boarder from Germany, studying Higher Levels in Biology, Economics, German and English. She played in the 2nd team for Tennis and became a Prefect in her final year.

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Benedetta Cedrola - Top Achiever

Benedetta joined Felsted in Year 12 and enjoyed sharing her time between the Charity Committee, the girls’ football team, and using her role as Prefect to help make a positive difference within the school.

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Lukas Wacker - Top Achiever

Lukas joined Felsted in the Lower Sixth, he was one of the top IB points scorers for the Class of 2023, studying German, Economics and Biology at Higher Level. After Felsted, Lukas intends to take a well earned Gap Year and then study Economics and Finance at Bocconi University in Milan.

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Ruby Rose - Top Achiever

Ruby joined Felsted in Year 7 and finished her Felsted journey as a Prefect in Garnetts. After her successful IB results in 2023, with Higher Levels in Economics, English and Latin, Ruby will be studying English at Durham University.

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Alexandra Carson - Top Achiever

Felsted’s top achiever in 2023 with a remarkable score of 43 points (out of a total of 45), was Alexandra Carson, who has secured a place to read Law at Bristol University.

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About the IB Diploma

Sixth Form Videos

The IB definitely helped me get into Oxford. Oxbridge is all about constantly expanding your knowledge and drawing links between seemingly opposing areas of knowledge and understanding those relationships. The IB meets that perfectly in having so many subjects to choose from and allowing you to follow your own interests with the Extended Essay and Internal Assessments.