Year 9 & GCSE Curriculum

GCSE Success - Connor O’T

Connor achieved spectactularly well academically, with the full house of grade 9s, and has been awarded the highly competitive Hunter Scholarship to study in Felsted’s Sixth Form.

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GCSE Success - Kit M-J

Kit is one of Felsted's academic success stories this year; as an Academic and Sports Scholar, Kit turned down a grammar school place to join Felsted in Year 7, and has been involved in every area of school life.

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GCSE Success - Dominic B

Dominic is a fantastic Felsted all rounder, who achieved extremely well in his GCSEs, and will be going on to study A Levels in Economics, Maths and Physics at Felsted.

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GCSE Success - Alex O

Alex can both be hugely proud of her GCSE achievements, achieving all grade 9s, the same as her twin brother, Barnes. She will continue at Felsted  to study A Levels in Biology, Chemistry, French and Maths.

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GCSE Success - Barnes O

Barnes matched his twin sister’s superb results and displays many of Felsted’s key characteristics by fully involving himself in all areas of school life.

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GCSE Success - Titus Z

Titus will be taking the International Baccalaureate Diploma next year after a top set of GCSE results, studying Economics, Maths and Physics at Higher Level.

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GCSE Success - Sana A-J

Sana is one of Felsted’s shining stars in so many ways. Both an Academic and Music Scholar, Sana is quite outstanding musically, playing percussion and drum kit at Diploma level.

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GCSE Success - Thomas T

Thomas achieved a really strong set of results and will be staying at Felsted to study A Levels in Classical Civilisation, French and History alongside the EPQ. 

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GCSE Success - Taylor G

Taylor performed really well in his GCSEs and has developed superb Felsted characteristics since joining the school in Year 7 from White Court School.

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GCSE Success - Steffi R

Steffi achieved an incredible set of GCSE results amongst her other commitments at Felsted. An Academic, Music and Sports Scholar, Steffi balances her studies playing hockey and netball.

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GCSE Success - Luke S

An Academic Scholar, Luke has been at Felsted since Reception and was delighted with his excellent results which included an A* in his HPQ.  

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GCSE Success - Louis S

Louis will be staying at Felsted to study A Levels in English, PE and Psychology. Since joining Felsted Prep School in Year 4 he has pushed himself hard at all he does within the school from his academics to the sports field.

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GCSE Success - Max R

An Academic Scholar and member of the Robert's Society, Max balances his studies with a love of music, performing with the Felsted steel band at many events throughout the year.

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GCSE Success - Charles C-P

A Felsted Music Scholar, Charles has been involved in all the major concerts, playing both the Violin and Double Bass at grade 8 standard and performing with the Felsted Orchestra, String Group and Steel Band.

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GCSE Success - Deborah O

Deborah will be staying at Felsted Sixth Form to take the International Baccalaureate Diploma, where she will be studying Economics, English, Psychology, Spanish and Maths.

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GCSE Success - Laura T

Laura has balanced her academic study with a love of Drama and singing, performing in Felsted's recent productions of 'Beauty and the Beast' and 'Goodnight Mister Tom' and being an active member of the chapel choir.

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Year 9

In Year 9 pupils study up to eighteen subjects over a two week timetable of 58 periods. The aim is to provide a broad, balanced curriculum which allows pupils to experience a wide range of subjects, some of which may not have been offered during their earlier schooling. Each lesson is 55 minutes in length apart from those on a Saturday morning, which last for 50 minutes.

Three Felsted students work together on a laptop


The aim for Years 10 and 11 is to follow a curriculum based on a ‘core’ of English, Maths and Science and four ‘options’ that ensures a broadly balanced programme for all pupils, without inhibiting the specialisation required for a variety of Sixth Form courses.

In Years 10 and 11, every pupil studies English Language, English Literature, Mathematics and Science. There are two routes through Science GCSE: pupils can choose to study separate Sciences, in which case they must choose Science as one of their ‘option’ subjects; otherwise, they will study Combined Science: Trilogy (worth two GCSEs). The remaining four optional subjects allow the opportunity for pupils to tailor their programme to suit their abilities and intentions for further study. The framework within the options ensures that a balanced curriculum is followed. In certain circumstances a pupil will be advised to take three rather than four optional subjects so that additional time may be spent on supporting their core subjects. In Years 10 and 11 pupils also follow non-examined courses in Physical Education and PSHE (Personal Social and Health Education).

Two Felsted students measuring a sample in a science class

Each pupil should choose four optional subjects ensuring that they meet the requirements of the two restrictions placed on the choice.

1. One of the following Modern Foreign Languages must be chosen: French, German, Spanish, and Latin

2. A humanities subject must be chosen: Classical Civilisation, Geography, History, Latin, and Theology, Ethics and Philosophy (Religious Studies)

The remaining two choices can be selected from: Art and Design, Classical Civilisation, Computer Science, Design and Technology (Resistant Materials), Drama, French, Geography, German, History, Latin, Music, Physical Education, Theology, Ethics and Philosophy (Religious Studies), Science (for Separate Sciences), and Spanish

Support for Learning (SfL) and English as an Additional Language (EAL) are also available as an optional subject for those pupils who need them. Opting for SfL means that additional time may be spent on supporting the core subjects. This option may be selected upon recommendations from the SfL department. EAL should be chosen by those pupils whose native language is other than English.

Senior Academic Overview

Yrs 9 & 10 Entry - Academic Overview (4 mins)

An introduction to Felsted's Senior School academic programme from Mrs Sarah Capewell, Deputy Head (Academic).