Felsted at Home

During 2020 Felsted School embraced the new need for distance learning using both new and previously established online resources. Our extensive home learning programme covers all aspects of our broad academic and co-curricular curriculum.

Remote learning is a genuinely collaborative experience, and at its best can help young people to develop independent learning skills, and great resilience. 

From January 2021 we are also focusing on a much greater proportion of live teaching, through google meet. For those who are in different time zones, lessons will be recorded, so that they can be reviewed. Similarly, if any student is finding it hard to follow the lessons, these can be revisited through the google classroom. It is felt that these changes are essential to support our key aims for the term, to support our students pastorally, to promote progress in learning, and to head back closer to normality, ready for when we are back in school. 

Remote Learning Curriculum

All Round Education

Felsted prides itself on providing excellent character development beyond the classroom. Our 'All Round Education' microsite is packed full of resources and ideas for pupils to continue their character development; there are ways to keep physically fit, activities to help develop important life skills, competitions to help discover and develop their creative side.


Thank you for keeping us up to date so regularly and giving us all a sense of normality and continuity...

Felsted parent  

I like Economics as my teacher creates videos, in detail, clear instructions and communicates well. The teachers come on and speak to us at the start of the lessons with some teaching to start us on the task.

Felsted pupil 

My maths teachers are very organised and I like the way they teach, we have specific sections for each piece of work. The teachers post the assessment the day before, so I can do it in the morning (Chinese time).

Felsted pupil 

In Art, Mrs Jackson clearly sets out the tasks and tells us exactly what we need to do as individuals depending on what our themes are...

Felsted pupil  

The DT videos are very easy to follow and are helpful, I like the way Mr Pitts records a video tutorial for what we have to do through the whole lesson. This means we can pause it or replay it if we want to.

Felsted pupil  

In Chemistry, there is a google meet every lesson and a screencast of the PowerPoint slides. I think Chemistry is helping me the most because the Google Meets at the beginning of the lesson help me to clear up any questions from the previous lesson

Felsted pupil