Exam Results

League Tables: Headmaster's Statement July 2020

Due to the unique nature of this year's academic results, we do not anticipate any publication of leagues tables for schools across England.  It is possible that some media outlets will generate their own league tables, based on data that they can generate from schools, but even this seems unlikely. 

As Felsted has withdrawn from exam result league tables where possible, because the data generated is fundamentally flawed as a judgement of educational quality, this will not change our position. The Government progress tables, which have previously shown the high degree of progress made by students in the sixth form will also not be published this year.

As a school, we remain very proud of the hard work that our students and staff put in to their studies each year, and the progress that each individual makes during their time at Felsted, whether towards a place at some of the most competitive universities in the world, or getting across the hurdle of GCSE, A Level and IB studies.

Chris Townsend