The Cromwellian Magazine

The Cromwellian is a student-led History and Politics magazine written by and for Felsted students. The first edition of the magazine was in 2014 and since then it has been published on an annual basis.

In recent years it has gone from strength to strength; featuring articles, papers and discussion pieces on a vast range of topics, many ranging far beyond the rather narrow confines of the taught syllabus. Over time, the magazine has enabled many students to develop their ideas and research interests, preparing them for university and beyond, as well as allowing them to experience the collaborative process of putting a student magazine together. I am exceptionally proud of the quality of the students’ writing in The Cromwellian and I would warmly encourage you to enjoy browsing and delving into the current and past editions of The Cromwellian on this web-page!

Rakesh Pathak
Head of History and Politics



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