Careers and Labour Market Information

​​​​​Understanding Labour Market Information (LMI) helps students be aware of where different job roles are needed in different regions and which types of jobs may need more people in future.  LMI means finding out the following details about different job roles or career pathways:

  • What do people actually do in this job / industry?
  • How many people work in this job / industry?
  • How much do people get paid in this job / industry?
  • Which qualifications do I need to do this job?
  • Which skills or qualities do I need to do this job?
  • What are the typical working hours for this job?
  • What percentage of men / women work in this job / industry?
  • Where can this job / industry take me in the future?
  • Where are these jobs located around the country?
  • How many of these jobs will there be in the future?

Careerometer and how to use it

A useful tool that lets you compare the average wages and working hours of up to two jobs in England. Type in the first career which is of interest to you and select from the drop down list, then add your second and third choices to see the comparison. Don’t forget – when you’ve finished comparing wages and job opportunities – visit Prospects, National Careers Service or iCould.