Academic Overview

Whether your son or daughter becomes one of our Oxbridge candidates, or successfully achieves a much-strived-for C grade in end of year exams, you can be confident that he or she will have been stretched to achieve their personal potential.

Much of the academic challenge comes from within, from our relentless focus on a growth mindset, working hard and being the best you can be. This is summarised formally in the Senior School, in the qualities of our Philosophy of Learning – readiness, resilience, reflection, resourcefulness and responsibility – on which your child’s curriculum and learning experience will be founded. Our tutor system ensures that your child’s individual needs are constantly being met and reviewed, whether that’s through our More Academically Able (MAA) programme or personalised learning support.

Mindful of the current pressures on young people, particularly in adolescence, academic challenge is accompanied by generous helpings of support, nurture and encouragement so that your child does not fall prey to the pitfalls of performance anxiety.