Our Brand Values

Our brand values are the truths that Felsted aspires to operate by every day and underpins everything we do. Upholding these values is a measure by which we can judge our success.

Our brand values are expressed in the following five words, with every day evidence of them shown through our school stories.


We are approachable, inclusive and open-minded.
We are a supportive, caring and valued community.
We are a Felsted family.



We develop character with integrity.
We are courteous, confident and humble.
We are responsible and respectful of others and the world around us.



We have a passion for life-long learning.
We love adventure, exploring and testing.
We inspire and value originality.
We’re not afraid to ask why or make mistakes to learn.


We believe having fun is essential for learning and that every child’s education should include large helpings of smiles and laughter.
We are vibrant and dynamic.


We challenge ourselves to reach our full potential.
We work hard and are determined and resilient to reach our goals.
We strive for and value personal achievement and team success.
We make a difference.

Life at Felsted

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