Testimonial 1

Our daughter has had a fantastic two years. Moving schools for Sixth Form was not an easy decision, but we can say it was absolutely the right decision for her.

We have been delighted with Felsted both educationally and pastorally. Our daughter has achieved beyond her expectations, mainly due to the good advice she received when joining, and watching her academic confidence grow has been lovely to watch. 

As parents we feel that Felsted has offered our daughter a very happy and supported space to enjoy being a teenager and all that this brings. Thank you!

I just wanted to say that our connections with Felsted have been outstanding since the first time we contacted you which has made us more confident it is the right school for our son. Having worked in the service industry for many years, building a unique culture and core purpose and executing this across all parent pupil touch-points takes effort as well as belief in what you are doing. This is what helped finalise our decision over another leading school.

We received a genuine warm welcome, with much personal care and attention given to our child

Meeting Andrew, Felsted’s Head of Rugby, on our visit was inspirational. My son said ‘why would you not want to be coached by someone like that.’ He was brilliant and my son will just love training and playing with him.

Jason, Felsted’s Head of Cricket, has a genuine interest in our son’s cricket. He took the time during Easter training to share what my son should work on and this has been invaluable. Along with lots of cricket chat this has really helped cement our decision to send our son to Felsted.

Felsted’s newsletters are really inclusive and welcoming. They are well written and interesting, which is a talent in itself. I am learning myself each time I read one and the culture and tone that the Heads set is exactly what I want my children to be part of.

The wellbeing centre is genius and ahead of the game in education. Wellbeing is core to personal success in many ways and will continue to be even more important in life after school. I am confident that my child will be looked after when they are not at home.

I would like to express just how amazing the Felsted medical centre is - almost otherworldly. Doctor appointments are made on the same day, consultant referrals within a week. They are fast, efficient and really care about what they are doing, which is so reassuring as an overseas parent. Most of us are unable to get an appointment with our GP in the same month!

The level of careers support the students get from the school is truly remarkable and we have impressed on our girls how important it is to use the resources at their disposal and listen to the advice on offer.


If I was in charge of the NHS I would make Felsted Medical Centre the model for all surgeries in the UK, and I speak as someone who has grown up in a family of medics, and having worked in the NHS for 25 years myself!

It is a joy to see so many happy, confident and empowered young people at the recent Thorne House Feast. The atmosphere and warmth between the girls in the house could not be missed.

My son wanted to board within a week of starting Felsted and there are as many local boarders as there are from further afield.

My son has set his heart on studying on English at University; we think it is a testament to Felsted that you can turn a profoundly dyslexic child into an aspiring English undergraduate. Thank you for all the support you have given him over the years, his progress has been nothing short of phenomenal!

Thank you all for the support and encouragement you’ve given our son. His progress over his years at Felsted has been nothing short of phenomenal. We’ve always has faith in his potential, but turning that potential into achievement is a testament to the expertise of the Felsted teaching team. He has tremendously grown in confidence and relishes the many, many opportunities he has. No other school could have done better. Thank you.

The L6 Career Talk was a good morning. I am extremely glad we attended to find out what’s on offer and what the girls need to do. You made what could have been a very dry subject, an entertaining and informative one. Thank you

Felsted has been instrumental in our son's journey over the past few years, not just with his physical and academic achievements, but mental also. From a value added academic perspective, our son has gone from failed SATS in Year 7 to achieving A*’s, A’s and B’s in his GCSE’s, to actually doing A' Levels, something we never really thought he would be able to do. We do not underestimate the role that Felsted has played in this, who saw more in our son than academic achievement. But more than that is how his mental well-being has been supported, particularly as a boarder with Type 1 diabetes. We know that he has got to the end of Year 13 successfully due to all the support he has received, and this is a testimony to the school. When our sons joined Felsted we were told that there was something about the Felsted community, and for both our boys, in different ways, it has been a special place for them to have been. Thank you.

We would like to thank the entire Felsted staff who have been nothing but exceptional throughout our interactions, be it in person at the school or remotely via phone and email.  Our experience confirms our believe that Felsted is one of the leading schools in Britain and a place where students can thrive.

Prep Sports Day was such a great spectacle! Healthy competition, team spirit and student and staff effort and joy were evident in everything.

Felsted has provided the perfect education, support and opportunities for our children. However, the most important thing for us is that they have always been so happy at school, often wishing the holidays over just to get back to the exciting agendas ahead, which is wonderful.

I was delighted to see how well you had done in the ISI inspection - however this only validated what I and other parents already believe - excellence in all areas.  

I have never seen Harriet so dedicated to her academic work as she was at Felsted. you seem to be able to create an atmosphere where they want to do their best and self-motivate to achieve their goals and win at life.

Of course there are bumps in the road of all children’s lives, but the difference at Felsted is the 'can do' attitude and competent approach from staff 

Our son has made rapid progress and grows in confidence each day. His academic standard and happiness have developed exponentially.

We feel pride as Felsted continues to grow in reputation and recognition as one of the finest schools in the UK. We are all heartbroken to be leaving and we will miss our 'Felsted family'  

You have a truly wonderful school with the most supportive community that I feel honoured to have been a part of.

For those perspective partners considering sending their child to Felsted I cannot recommend this school enough. Our son has been attending Felsted Prep since year 2 and will be going into year 6 from September. The school has been nothing short of amazing not just in terms of education but also social development and support. He is so happy at Felsted and made friends for life. A great school with fantastic dedicated teachers and staff.

Our children are traditional boarders at Felsted. Our son (14) has been there for four years, and our daughter (10) recently joined. Felsted has moulded and transformed them into responsible, confident young adults. We are proud of the people they are growing up to be. Thanks to the guidance and support they receive from the school. Though we are miles away, we know our children are being cared for wholeheartedly. The care they give to our children we deem priceless.

Thank you for all Felsted has done for Jack in the last two years. He has had a magnificent time at Felsted and loved being in Elwyns and Windsors. We have watched him bloom, rediscover his passion for learning, actively engage in school activities, continue with his interest in mentoring those around him and finally get a chance to play school Hockey – a sport he has fallen in love with.

The effort and dedication you have all put in to ensure all the pupils have been able to get the most out of the home learning has been awe inspiring.

I wish to thank the Felsted dream team on the superb job you have done this term. I’m sure intake at Reception takes energy every year, but this year must have been wild! We are both so very impressed with the experience our daughter has had to the start of her school life; simple things for us like hearing her progression in reading words in particular when she calls them out on TV or road signs in passing, speaking some Spanish within a few weeks, her writing, her love of books and reading already! Honestly just lovely for us to see.

Felsted have created the perfect environment for Sofina to thrive and flourish.

As a parent it is wonderful to watch both sons jump out of the car in the morning and run into school wearing huge smiles!

We are so grateful for all the effort you and the other teachers have put in to ensuring the children have the best remote learning experience possible

Thank you for all of the effort that had been put in place during homeschooling, making a difficult situation an enjoyable one for the children. Sebastian’s learning hasn’t suffered as a result and that is testament to the structured approach given through virtual lessons and online resources; as well as invaluable interaction with his classmates, which is often underappreciated. We felt that you went above and beyond, which has certainly strengthened our opinion that we made the right decision in sending Sebastian to Felsted.