The Felsted community cares about protecting their environment, both locally and around the world.

Pupils and staff are encouraged to initiate projects to improve the environment and many of these are already making a difference.  

From the use of biodegradable ice-packs by our school medical centre to increased volumes of waste recycling, Felsted aims to find new ways to be eco-friendly and educate Felstedians to make a difference to the world around them.

In January 2021 Felsted committed to the One Tribe Partnership, helping our community make a difference to the sustainability of our planet. With every admissions registration to Felsted, and for every long haul overseas school trip, we will donate a percentage of the transaction to One Tribe. Each individual registration or school trip will equate to 500 trees being protected by One Tribe and their conservation charity partners. 

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Sustainability at Felsted

The Felsted community of pupils, families and staff is committed to making a difference in the world and also to the world, by protecting our planet for the benefit of the generations who follow us. However, we know we need to do more. 

Felsted will focus on ensuring that the need to care for our environment is a key consideration in every aspect of life at our school.

In addition to our existing eco-friendly measures is a raft of new initiatives, aimed at reducing waste, promoting sustainability and encouraging our ecosystem to flourish. 

Please do all you can to support our efforts to make Felsted a greener place to study, work and live, and to protect our world for the Felstedians of the future.

Eco Initiatives


Reducing single-use cups on school site

100 %

of our electricity comes from renewable sources


Second Hand Uniform Shop onsite


Contact lens recycling


Biodegradable medical ice-packs


Lights switched off when buildings not in use


Plastic-free sanitary products


Compostable & reusable cutlery

Latest Eco-Friendly News