Sixth Form

Being involved in the education of young people is a real privilege; as is working in an environment like that of Felsted. Why? Because Felsted is a genuinely welcoming place, a community where aspiration is admired and individuality encouraged.

We seek to develop young people who are kind, considerate and caring, with respect for themselves, and respect for others. We’ll expect you to do well, and the expectations are high, but they are set appropriately for each student as we want your education to be fun and enjoyable. That’s why we provide a huge range of opportunities for development outside the classroom to support the challenging and inspiring academic education. We also want you to recognise the great potential you have within, that will be realised through hard work, commitment and real passion.


Why Felsted Sixth Form

Choice of A Levels or the IB Diploma

Strong academic results, superb value added and a top 30 UK IB School. NACE Award for provision for the most able and talented pupils.

Vibrant Sixth Form Centre

A central social and working hub with an on-site Coffee Shop. Nutritious meals, tasty snacks and a dynamic social and weekend activity programme provides a healthy balance for teenage life.

International Outlook

A Global Member of the Round Square Organisation, offering global exchanges and opportunities. A diverse mix of nationalities in the 6th Form adds a rich dimension to academic debate and opens minds to world affairs.

Dedicated Upper Sixth Houses

Providing exam focus, university preparation and life skills coaching.

Leading Co-curricular & Leadership Programme

The Felsted Diploma, Model United Nations, Duke of Edinburgh and Combined Cadet Force.

First Class Careers Advice

Seminars, work experience, apprenticeships, university preparation (including Oxbridge) and life skills coaching – over 90% of pupils achieve their 1st or security choice of university. Graduway Network provides a vital network of former pupils and parent contacts for life beyond school.

Superb Care Team

Mental health and wellbeing support from house parents, tutors, matron, a medical centre and new onsite wellbeing centre.

Superior Sporting & Creative Arts Pathways

Professional partnerships with expert coaching, facilities and fixtures (Junior Guildhall, Saracens & Northampton Saints Rugby, Essex Cricket, Saracens Mavericks Netball and Blue Hornets Hockey).




Boarding at Felsted

Boarders at Felsted undoubtedly lead full lives, as they have the time to ensure academic work is completed to a high standard, to be involved in a breadth of co-curricular activities and to build lifelong friendships. Personal qualities such as confidence, independence, organisation and leadership are developed in a caring and happy community. Boarders have the option of boarding on a 3, 5 or 7 night basis in one of our 7 boarding houses for boys and girls.

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Making a difference

A Felsted education is about more than exam preparation though; it’s also about preparing you to have an impact in life. Just as we seek to make a difference through the experiences that we will provide, we want you to understand that you have a responsibility to make a difference to the world on leaving Felsted.

Developing character

When you leave school, you will face a very different world from the one that we see now, with an increasingly global society and a future workplace that we cannot easily predict. If you are to flourish fully in future life, development of character is vitally important: a can-do attitude, and a growth mindset; the so-called soft skills such as versatility, resilience and endeavour; the ability to empathise with, lead and serve others; the capacity to work effectively as part of a team. Academic success remains critical, and we expect you to do your best, combining aspiration and achievement in equal measure.

A rounded, holistic approach

At Felsted, we value emotional and social development as much as academic and intellectual development. From the moment that you join Felsted’s supportive and close-knit community, you will be nurtured and challenged. We take pride in knowing and valuing every student as an individual, stretching them, encouraging them, and appreciating them for every contribution that they make to the community. Characteristics such as compassion towards one’s peers or resilience through adversity are developed just as much as creative, academic or sporting prowess.

We believe that our rounded and holistic approach, supported by the global Round Square network to which we belong, is what will make a difference to your path through life. In return, we hope that you will also develop into someone who seeks to make a difference to the lives of others at school and in the wider world. Leadership, Service, Charity and Internationalism are core values here at Felsted.

Bridging the gap

The Sixth Form is designed to bridge the gap between school and university. Everything is set up to allow you to focus on your studies and school commitments and to practice for university with the security of a safety net.

At the end of the Lower Sixth you’ll relinquish your responsibilities in the main Houses to join one of two Upper Sixth Houses for your final year of study: Garnetts for girls and Windsor’s for boys. Students tell us that these Houses are a real haven. Practically, they offer an ideal environment for independent study. You’ll be amongst your peers and have your own internet-equipped study-bedroom. There will be a strong staff team around you who understand your needs at this crucial stage. They’ll encourage you to spend as much time at school as possible so that you can take full advantage of the support and opportunities on offer.

Good habits

Much of your success will be down to you, but staff will help you develop the skills you need for independent study, such as time management. If you know you work best in the morning, we’ll help you go to bed and rise early. If marimba practice or running keeps you sane, we’ll ensure it’s built into your day.

There’s also an emphasis on creating the good habits and self discipline that will serve you in later life, such as showing respect by being on time for appointments and getting up in time to eat breakfast.

The Sixth Form centre is the other focal point for Sixth Form life. As well as offering a mezzanine computer suite and desk areas for quiet study, there is a lounge and bar area for all-important relaxation. Here you’ll enjoy a full calendar of socials, quizzes, debates and other events organised by a student-led committee.


Chris Townsend,


It’s just an amazing place - nurturing, crazily busy, inspiring. You get insane support from your friends and teachers. It has helped me become who I am and I am really happy with who I am.

Felsted provides the perfect environment to study. There are so many opportunities to expand your interests and learn new skills, providing much needed balance to academic life.