Round Square

Round Square is more than anything an ethos. This ethos stresses that we are rounded individuals who have many talents and that these talents need to be encouraged for us all to develop our true potential. Membership of the Round Square is a great honour for Felsted.

It recognises that Felsted does many things well, that we are leaders in adventure training, carers for our environment, democratic in our outlook and give each Felstedian responsibility from an early age.

“Plus est en vous!” is one of the leading beliefs and mottos of the Round square Organisation.

Membership of the Round Square opens up access for Felstedians to numerous exciting opportunities to visit the 80+ schools worldwide who share these beliefs. Through exchanges, gap year opportunities and educational conferences at European and World level, the school experience of the Felstedian is enriched.

Felsted is justly proud of its traditions, but we are also excited to be part of a worldwide community of schools who try to make the difference, to go that extra mile, to help others, both locally and internationally, and in so doing to grow as people who are truly international citizens of the world.

Further information about The Round Square Organisation, of which we are a Global Member can be found at

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