Stewart House - Ages 4-6

The adventure that lasts a lifetime

Your child is about to embark on the biggest and most important adventure of his or her life. Education. It’s a lifelong adventure that will continue through and beyond the different ‘phases’ of Felsted Prep. If your child joins Stewart House the educational adventure will start in a light and modern building with small class sizes and an environment that balances aspirations with warmth, kindness and praise. Academic success is prized but so is laughter and having fun whilst learning. Your child will make lots of friends along the way and be known, supported and valued by nurturing and talented teachers.

Nurture is guaranteed

It can be daunting when your child starts school. Alongside the inevitable worries about whether your child will be happy, there are the complications of managing a new set of family logistics and juggling everyone’s needs. We will work closely with you to ensure your child settles quickly; staff are always happy to chat or discuss matters.

We also provide a hot school lunch and an extended day to help you manage family life. Whether you work, get held up or just need help smoothing sibling pick up times, your child will be safe and cared for at the start and end of the day here. Your son might prefer to relax with a snack, your daughter to join friends in an after school club such as Jazz Dance, Judo or French. It’s very flexible, just like at home.

Felsted School shortlisted for Creativity award from Independent School Awards 2018

Our creative curriculum

Children learn best when they don’t realise they are learning. That’s why most of your child’s learning here will be topic based, through practical and purposeful play. Each topic is introduced with a tangible experience which acts as a reference point. Activities follow which encourage problem solving, enquiry and collaborative work. For example, the transport topic might be introduced by a visit to Stansted airport to meet a pilot. Later your child will ‘fly’ to Rome. After making a boarding pass, your child will pass through security to the classroom plane, complete with ‘in-flight entertainment’ about the Trevi fountain. On arrival in Rome there will be numerous activities like painting the Sistine Chapel and making pizza for lunch. Your child will think they are pretending to go to Rome; we know he or she will be honing skills in literacy, numeracy and science.




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I wish to thank the Felsted dream team on the superb job you have done this term. I’m sure intake at Reception takes energy every year, but this year must have been wild! We are both so very impressed with the experience our daughter has had to the start of her school life; simple things for us like hearing her progression in reading words in particular when she calls them out on TV or road signs in passing, speaking some Spanish within a few weeks, her writing, her love of books and reading already! Honestly just lovely for us to see.

I extend a warm welcome to you to come and visit us in Stewart House, either on a personal visit or on one of the many open mornings and taster mornings we host throughout the year. If you have a few moments, please enjoy the video above, which our youngest Felstedians put together to give you a flavour of their school life here at Felsted.

Mrs Jacqueline Atkins
Head of Stewart House Team



Eco Sensory and Nature Garden

Our original nature garden was destroyed by a storm in February 2017 which gave us the opportunity to create a calming eco-friendly space for our youngest Felstedians, to include both nature and sensory areas. After months of planning, designing and collecting things to upcycle, a wonderful play and discovery area emerged.

We were fortunate to be assisted by the creative talents of Lloyd Warbey (television presenter, actor, performer and host of the Disney programme Art Attack), who worked with all of our children, staff, and parent helpers to make this garden space both magical and educational. We also had an expert willow-weaver to create amazing insect sculptures with the children in memory of our beloved tree which was blown down in the storm.


The best bits about Stewart House according to pupils

* Bug hotel
* Felsted beach
* Forest School
* Hot, tasty lunches
* Mud kitchen
* Library

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