Ffrome Court - Ages 7-8

Expanding horizons

Whether your child is moving up from Stewart House or is new to Felsted, this will be an exciting time of expanding horizons. We will encourage your child to discover and explore all the inspiring options from the security of a designated teaching and play area. Your child will be based in a form, with a form teacher who will know him or her very well. Specialist staff and subject specific classrooms are introduced over time.

An enriched curriculum

Lessons are personalised, as are timetables, to ensure that the right levels of stretch and support are in place. We help the children to find out about themselves too. In working out how they learn best and in rising to the challenge of trying new activities, they start to gain in confidence and courage.

That’s why we offer an enriched curriculum in Ffrome Court; why every child learns a stringed instrument in Year 3 and takes the English speaking Board Examination in Year 4. It’s why your child will have the opportunity to represent the school at sport for the first time, take part in drama productions or concerts and start lessons in Art, Design Technology and ICT.

How do we fit all this in?

In Year 3 your child will have an extended day on Tuesdays, with Thursdays added in Year 4. Your child can bake, cycle or paint for example, in one of our numerous co-curricular activities available until 5.45pm each day. Whether your child chooses just a few options or stays every day to take part with friends, they will be building useful life skills and platforms for future hobbies or careers.

Another vital life skill comes from belonging. There is nothing better for developing self worth and a desire to do your best than contributing to a community where you are respected and valued. By the time your child moves up to Cloisters, they will be developing into a caring, co-operative and hardworking member of the Felsted community.




I encourage you to come and meet us to find out what makes Ffrome Court such an inspiring place to learn, either on a personal visit, or via one of our open mornings or taster days we host throughout the year.

Mrs Julie Green
Head of Ffrome Court Team

Julie Green, Head of Ffrome Court





Enrichment Subjects

* Art
* Design, Technology and Engineering
* Digital Learning and Technology
* Drama
* Forest School
* Music

Prep School Phases