Courtauld House - 11-12

Bridging the gap between Prep and Senior

Remember how it felt to be 11? No longer a child, but not yet a teenager. Outgrown junior school, but slightly daunted at the thought of becoming a very small fish in a much bigger senior school pond. Courtauld House is the perfect antidote to this feeling. Whether your child is moving up from Cloisters or joining us from another school, it combines the best of childhood with a safe introduction to young adulthood.

Courtauld House affords your child a smooth transition between Prep and Senior School in a self-contained environment, facilitating the development of qualities such as independence, self discipline and responsibility. We will help your child develop their identity and learn what it is to be a role model by leading younger children through the Courtauld House leadership scheme.

Specialist teaching and high expectations

All your child’s lessons will be in small classes with specialist teachers, with your child moving between lessons in preparation for senior school routines. Setting is developed further and your child’s learning starts to become more self-led. Our expectations of your child will be high, whether it’s public speaking, playing for the various teams at each age group, or improving Latin and German vocabulary. Your child won’t be alone though. Help is always on hand via the More Academically Able programme, study skills workshops and professional support to boost a certain area.

Extended day

Although Courtauld House has its own facilities, your child will start to have lunch at the Senior School and enjoy some of the exceptional facilities there. Whole-school initiatives, such as international awareness, are deepened through activities such as Model United Nations and Round Square programmes. The school day is extended to 6pm, with Saturday morning school now compulsory to accommodate all the opportunities your child will be keen to get immersed in. By the time your child starts Senior School they will be fully prepared for the next step in their educational adventure.

Courtauld House is a very special and unique place; where children grow in confidence as young leaders of themselves and others in the community

Tom loves Saturday School - he would rather be actively learning and playing sport with his friends than hanging about at home.


I encourage you to come and find out what makes Courtauld House such a unique place for our young Felstedians. Places are popular at this stage so I would encourage you to apply early and join us for one of our taster days held throughout the year.

Mark Stringer, Head of Courtauld House, smiling in front of a white background

Mr Mark Stringer
Head of Courtauld House Team


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