Cloisters - Ages 9-10

Challenge and stimulation

The next stage of Felsted's educational journey in Cloisters bears many of the hallmarks of classic adventure stories: your child will be challenged, stimulated and experience more significant leadership roles. Character and independence will be developed and valuable life lessons learned. Unlike some adventure stories though, there is a safety net. Your child’s wellbeing matters greatly, which is why dedicated form tutors will get to know your child exceptionally well. In Cloisters, adventure and achievement go hand in hand with nurture and support.

Personalised Learning

Academically, your child’s lessons will all be with subject specialists now, enabling a greater depth of study. Personalised timetables and the broad curriculum continue with all pupils representing the school in sport in some way. A wider range of trips is included to stimulate learning and help your child become more spiritually, culturally and morally aware.

The school day is extended to 5.45pm, except for Wednesdays (3.45pm), to allow your child to take advantage of the ever-growing range of activities. Supervised homework is built into the day so time at home is family time. If your child has more energy and interests than the week can accommodate, why not let them try our optional extra curricular programme on Saturday mornings.

A Taste of Boarding

It is at this stage that children are often keen to gain a taste of boarding. Indeed, many parents find that boarding can help with the demands of modern family life too. Whether your child boards for a couple of nights a week, or more, he or she will be welcomed by warm house staff who are exceptionally generous with their time and TLC.


I extend a warm welcome to you to come and visit us in Cloisters and find out what a stimulating stage of education this is for our Felsted Prep children. We host a number of open mornings and taster days throughout the year or a personal visit can be arranged if that suits.

Mrs Gemma Paine
Head of Cloisters Team





The best bits about Cloisters according to pupils:

* Forest School
* League activities
* Boarding nights
* Saturday School
* School trips
* Sporting fixtures

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