Felsted Prep School / Ages 4 -12

Ask any child in the Prep School what my favourite word is and you’ll hear a resounding ‘yet’. Why ‘yet’? The answer is simple, ‘I can’t do that……yet’. We want your child, and all children in our care, to be the best they can be; and for that a growth mindset is required.

‘Yet’ is why your child will have a log by which his or her progress through perseverance is tracked and celebrated, and ‘yet’ is the reason we, as staff, model life-long learning through our own professional development. ‘Yet’ is the word that encourages hard work, perseverance and resilience. ‘Yet’ builds self-esteem and character. ‘Yet’ will mean your child continually improves and develops a life-long love of learning.

Another important word is opportunity. This stage in your child’s life is all about discovery - of interests, talents and passions. We make it our mission to provide your child with boundless opportunities and to encourage the pursuit of individual talents and interests from an early age. The alchemy that happens when ‘opportunity’ meets ‘yet’ is very powerful. Your child’s school life will become busy and purposeful; he or she will grow in confidence and the foundations for success in later life will be firmly cemented.

Simon James

Felsted Prep School

Simon James, Prep School Headmaster, smiling in front of a wall of ivy

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An early growth mindset has youngsters believe anything is possible… a school that brings out the best in everyone
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Overall impression of being a happy, happening place with parents content to be swept along for the ride.

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"The high flying Prep department of the county's premier senior independent school"

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