UK-Aid Ukraine Appeal

Emergency Appeal for Ukraine


As we all follow the terrible news from Ukraine, as a whole school community, we would like to support those in immediate need of help. We are thinking about all the people affected in Ukraine as well as the Revival Centre that we support as a school located in Chernihiv, just north of Kyiv. The revival centre is shut except for a few children who are too sick to move or go home. Dr Vasil Pasichnik and his wife are living in the centre to care for the children. We also heard that one of our friends, who serves as an interpreter, has had her flat destroyed in the fighting. We send our thoughts and prayers that all the families, staff and children stay safe during this time



Felsted Aid for Deprived Children (working name UK-Aid) is a registered charity that Felsted School supports. A huge thank you to our whole Felsted community for all the very generous donations so far. This allowed two lorries full of humanitarian aid to be packed ready to send to Moldova for Ukranian Refugees.  The charity has joined partners with who are a charity which regularly takes aid to Moldova. UK-Aid is using this contact to take our aid to the warehouses in Moldova owned by Teech. Three representatives from the charity accompanied the aid over to Moldova and saw first hand where all your generous donations go. 

April 2022 Update 

The Felsted Easter Fair, organised by the Friends of Felsted Prep, raised almost £2,500 thanks to the generosity of parents, staff and the whole Felsted community. A further £600 was raised from the Uniform Sale,  the proceeds of which were directly donated to UK-Aid.

May 2022 Update

Our donations of toys and finger puppets to the Ukrainian children in Moldova were very gratefully received. With another lorry due to leave for Moldova in June, we are very keen to support Felsted Aid in taking out filled bags for the children housed in the refugee camps. The idea is to fill drawstring bags (provided by school) with items so that each child has some toys and games to enjoy. We also really want to include the sunflower seeds in the hope that they can plant and grow their national flower.

If you child/children or yourselves would like to fill a bag, please bring in 50p to cover the cost of the bag and enjoy filling it with goodies. We do ask that the items are new. The bags need to be returned by 27th May.

Nastia Represents Ukraine at Paralympics in Beijing

A Ukranian Athlete, previously sponsored by Felsted Prep School, has recently competed in the Paralympic Games in Beijing. 

Felsted Prep School sponsors children around the globe with the money that they raise through annual fundraisers, including fairs and school discos. One such girl is Nastia, a former patient at a revival centre in Ukraine, who as a young girl was an accomplished wheelchair dancer. 

Until two years ago when she turned 18, Felsted Prep School had sponsored Nastia’s family for many years. She won many dance competitions, but as she got older her wheelchair grew too small and too cumbersome to dance with. With their fundraising efforts, Felsted raised enough money to buy her a more athletic wheelchair so that she could continue chasing her dreams. 

Charities Co-ordinator at Felsted Prep, Julie Green, took this to her when she visited in 2019. Soon after she started competing in biathlon and became part of the Ukrainian Paralympic team, who ended up claiming a record medal haul in this year's winter games!

February 2023 Update

Felsted Aid went on their next trip to the revival centre in Chernihiv, Ukraine on Saturday 25 February 2023. They took two Ford Transit vans, an 18 ton lorry and one 40 ton lorry. They are grateful for our School's ongoing support for their charity.

Any further money raised by us will go to the ongoing costs of sending humanitarian aid as this aid is going to be needed for many months and beyond.

You may donate through PayPal via the button below. 

Donating Items

If you would like to bring in donations for the charity they are looking for the following items:

  • Women’s and children’s new underwear
  • Ladies Sanitary towels
  • Shampoo, conditioner, deodorant, shower gel
  • Toothbrushes, toothpaste
  • Nappies, baby wipes
  • New Towels
  • (Please do not donate clothes - UK-Aid can not take these as clothes are not currently needed)

To find out about local collection points or if you would like to know more about the charity, please follow the link here to their website.

I know you will join us in praying and sending hope to our friends in Ukraine. Thank you for your support.

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