The Felsted Gym Team






Andrew Zucker: Leisure Services Manager

Andrew has 30 years’ experience as a coach and administrator in the Fitness and Athletic Development Profession. He served as the Head Strength and Conditioning Coach at Old Dominion University, USA from 1989 -2007 and more recently was the owner and coach of Coach Zuck Fitness Academy located in Annemasse, France from 2010-2013.

Andrew Zucker, Leisure Services Manager

Courtney Grant: Fitness Trainer

Courtney has been employed at the Felsted Gym since November 2013. He is Level 3 Reps certified and is currently Level 4 Reps in Fitness Management. Courtney is our In-house Fitness Specialist and in charge of student fitness. Courtney aspires to become a leader in strength coaching and the fitness industry.

Courtney Grant, Fitness Trainer

Sam Hyde - Fitness Trainer

Sam joined the Felsted Gym Team in November 2015, Sam is currently Level 3 Fitness qualified and he aspires to become a leader in the fitness industry.

Sam Hyde, Fitness Trainer



Contact Information

Felsted Gym, Felsted School,
Stebbing Road, Felsted, Essex CM6 3LL
Tel: 01371 822709



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