Equity, Diversity and Inclusion

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We were impressed by the way topics such as diversity and inclusion as well as sustainability were woven right through the school and not just stand-alone programmes or initiatives.  Gwen Byrom TES Awards 

The tragic death of George Floyd in 2020 acted as a catalyst for the Black Lives Matter movement on both sides of the Atlantic. Arguably, the scale of the protests and the wider public mood for change that we have seen in recent months have shown that there is a real desire amongst a broad cross-section of people in the UK to properly address matters of racism, inclusion and diversity, in a way that has not always been the case up to now.

Here at Felsted we are doing our best not to be complacent about this issue and in common with almost every other institution in the country we know that we can do better. To start a meaningful conversation on equality and diversity we set up a committee during the summer term of 2020, which now consists of 25 pupils, Old Felstedians and teachers.

We meet weekly and are planning to expand the committee; and would especially welcome expressions of interest from any parents who would like to join us! One of the first things that the committee decided to do was to send out a survey to Senior School staff and students in order to find out how well the School is doing in terms of being a welcoming and inclusive community for all. 

The survey received 123 responses, amongst which were some very encouraging comments; but as one would expect the results also highlighted areas where we can improve as a School. With this in mind, the Equality and Diversity Committee is now focusing on ‘next steps’. For instance, we are putting on assemblies to highlight how pupils must treat each other with respect and kindness, in order to create a truly inclusive community.

As a committee, we are very open to ideas and feedback so please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any suggestions.

Rakesh Pathak
Chair of the Equality and Diversity Committee
Head of History & Politics

...a forward-thinking place that welcomes different perspectives and is committed to embracing even more.
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