The Cromwell Lecture 2012

On Tuesday 28th January 2012, Felsted held the annual Cromwell Lecture. Mr Martin Williams, the UK representative of the New Zealand Antarctic Heritage Trust, came to talk to us about Scott of the Antarctic. This was particularly poignant as this year marks the centenary of Scott losing the race to the South Pole.



It has often been recalled that Felsted School sponsored one of the huskies to go to Antarctica with Scott. However, now, thanks to Mr Williams, we have discovered that the husky was named Jolly Boy. Perhaps this is a reference to Jollyboys Lane here in Felsted! Mr Williams also informed us about the continuing project to conserve the huts on Ross Island that were left by Scott and other leaders of expeditions. One hundred years later, it is still remarkably hard to visit Antarctica. It is now one of few remaining places in the world that is almost untouched by man.


I am sure that everyone who attended the event found it extremely enjoyable. I’d like to offer my thanks to Mrs Martin, our librarian, and the Library Committee, for organising such a successful evening. Anyone who had the pleasure of seeing the exhibition of Herbert Ponting’s photographs, which accompanied the event, would surely agree that the exhibition was an invaluable complement.


If you are inspired to find out more, you may be interested in visiting The Natural History Museum Exhibition,‘Scott's Last Expedition’.


Or visit the Scott Polar Research Institute Museum in Cambridge.


Danielle Standish (Library Prefect)