Music Scholarships

Scholarships and bursaries are available to students who show talent in music for entry in Year 9 (Age 13) or to the Lower Sixth (Age 16).

Junior Guildhall/Felsted Music Scholarships

  • There will be an unlimited number of Junior Guildhall/Felsted Music Scholarships each year, for students joining Felsted at ages 11, 13 or 16
  • Junior Guildhall/Felsted Scholars will receive tuition at the Junior Guildhall on a Saturday during term-time plus other additional Guildhall studies and workshops.
  • Following a successful audition at the Guidhall by Guildhall staff, students will have their Junior Guildhall fees paid by Felsted School up to a maximum of £5,000 per annum.
  • All instruments, including voice, will be considered
  • Scholars will be given a tailored personal programme for their musical development pathway
  • Scholars will benefit from many opportunities performance in a range of musical styles and ensembles
  • Scholars will participate in master classes and other opportunities to learn from highly respected teachers and performers
  • Scholars will be prepared for music examinations to a high standard

Felsted Scholarships and Mary Skill Awards

Not all students want to go on to be professionals; some want to make the most of their talent and enjoy being involved in practical music as much as possible. For these students, Felsted Music Scholarships and Mary Skill Awards are on offer.

  • These awards are available in all instruments and in voice and provide the following benefits:
  • For Music Scholars, free tuition in up to two instruments (or one instrument and voice)
  • Participation in the Scholars’ Programme which offers a range of opportunities for musical and intellectual development
  • Opportunities to take part in some joint Felsted/Guildhall events and performances
  • Other chances to perform in a wide range of concerts throughout the year covering differing musical styles and ensembles
  • The opportunity to prepare for instrumental or vocal examinations
  • The chance to learn from highly-respected teachers and performers in master classes

A Felsted Music Scholarship entitles the holder to fee remission of up to 20% (at the discretion of the Director of Music).

Mary Skill Awards, named after a generous benefactor to the School, recognise talent, passion and commitment. A Mary Skill Award entitles a student to a reduction in school fees of up to £2000 per year.

All awards at Felsted are reviewed annually. The award of a Junior Guildhall/Felsted Music Scholarship, a Felsted Music Scholarship or a Mary Skill Award also entitles a student to apply for a means-tested “top-up” bursary, for which terms and conditions apply.


Contact Information

Director of Music, Mr Peter Bennett is always happy to discuss scholarships with parents and pupils. He can be contacted on either:
Telephone: 01371 822685