Junior Guildhall Partnership

Felsted School is delighted to have a partnership with the world-famous Guildhall School of Music and Drama in London.

The partnership will offer talented musicians, both in UK and internationally, an unrivalled range of benefits and opportunities from this unique educational collaboration. Whether a student is aiming to become a professional musician or simply wants to improve their skill and experience, this new partnership has something to offer all our young musicians.


Opportunities for Outstanding Young Musicians

Outstanding musicians of very high technical ability and musicality will benefit from:

  • flexibility to study at the London Junior Guildhall as well in the Felsted Music Department
  • studying at Felsted, a school with an international reputation that understands the needs of young musicians, allowing them to tailor their academic programmes to reach and maintain high musical standards
  • an integrated programme of musical development that can take a student from school to conservatoire
  • exposure to very high standard of teaching in London and at Felsted
  • the chance to work with some of the very best young musicians in the country
  • opportunities to take part in competitions
  • master class opportunities  as observer and participant, in London and at Felsted
  • the chance to learn additional music topics through the Junior Guildhall
  • regular performance opportunities at both institutions

Junior Guildhall/Felsted Music Scholarships

Felsted School has developed an exciting new partnership with The Junior Guildhall which offers a unique pathway for talented musicians to study at both Felsted School and Junior Guildhall.

The first educational collaboration of its kind in the UK offers talented musicians an unrivalled range of benefits and opportunities. Selected students follow a tailored academic and music programme at Felsted with specialist music studies at Junior Guildhall in London.

Students may apply for a Junior Guildhall scholarship in any of the instruments taught at Junior Guildhall (including voice from mid-teens). Scholarships are available at entry ages 11, 13 and 16 and those students awarded a scholarship, following a successful audition at the Guidhall by Guildhall staff,  will have their Junior Guildhall fees paid by Felsted School up to a maximum of £5,000 per annum.

For more information on Music Scholarships please click here.


Contact Information

The Director of Music, Mr Peter Bennett
Telephone: 01371 822685
Email: pgb@felsted.org.