Garnetts is a friendly and welcoming house, which accommodates Year 13 boarders. The atmosphere around the house is very social and warm but Garnetts is also a quiet place to study. 

The idea is to create a home from home feeling for all the members of the house. This helps everyone feel comfortable and supported. All the girls are very supportive of each other and Garnetts is the perfect setting to develop strong lasting friendships. The plan of the house is modern, bright and attractive. 

New Housemistress for Garnetts from September 2014

Mrs Sarah Barrett has been appointed HM of Garnetts from September 2014. Sarah joined Felsted in 2002 as ‘Miss Hookway’, teacher of Physical Education. She was attached to Garnetts from the start as a Tutor, and in 2005, was appointed as Assistant Housemistress. Please click here to read more.


Meet the Housemistress

Béatrice Lemoine-Chicoine is an extremely experienced Housemistress who has been in Garnetts House since September 1999. A French native speaker, she has taught languages at Felsted since 1993. She is Felsted’s new Round Square Co-ordinator and is currently developing links with schools in France, Quebec and Morocco. She enjoys travelling and sharing her love of cinema and art with the girls in Garnetts.

A mother of two, she treats the Garnetts girls as her own daughters. She encourages them to blossom at School and maintain high standards in every area of their lives at Felsted.


Meet the Assistant Housemistress

Assistant Housemistress

Sarah Hookway is a vibrant and youthful member of Garnetts House. She is Head of Girls' sport at Felsted and teaches PE throughout the school.
She became Assistant Housemistress in 2005 and has immersed herself in life in the house, which can be very eventful and loud at times.


Meet the Matron


Our fantastic Matron Hayley Golds is the life and soul of the house. Hayley took up the position of Matron in October 2000. She cares for all the girls and is always around greeting us with a friendly smile to make us feel at ease.

Contact Information

Housemistress: Mrs Béatrice Lemoine-Chicoine
Telephone: 01371 822770
Address: Garnetts House, Felsted School, Felsted, Essex. CM6 3DR
House Mobile: 07764 332943

Contact Information

School MapFelsted School, Felsted,
Essex, CM6 3LL

Tel: +44 (0) 1371 822600
Fax: +44 (0) 1371 822607

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