A Level Curriculum

Studying Advanced Levels at Sixth Form presents a transition from the more objective study of a subject at GCSE to a more subjective consideration of a subject at greater depth. Pupils are encouraged to read more widely and to take a more autonomous approach to their learning; from understanding how to manage their own time more effectively to being encouraged to challenge concepts that are presented to them.

Since the reforms to A Levels, which have increased the course content for each subject and have de-coupled AS and A2 exams, we have altered our recommended programme for Sixth Form pupils wishing to take A Levels. We recommend that pupils take 3 A Levels and supplement this with the Extended Project Qualification (EPQ), although provision is in place for pupils to take 4 A Levels if this is suitable. These A Levels will be taken as a two year linear course; pupils will not take AS exams at the end of the Lower Sixth.

As pupils no longer start with a fourth subject that will be dropped following an AS exam, it is even more important that pupils choose the right subjects from the outset, and should take advantage of the advice and guidance available to them. At home, it is important for pupils to discuss their long-term university/career aspirations, as well as their short-term choice of subjects, with parents/guardians. In School, support is provided by both Academic staff (teachers and Heads of Department) and Pastoral staff (tutors and Housemasters/Housemistresses). In addition, we have a very experienced Director of Professional Guidance, who can help provide expert advice on university requirements.

Please click here to download the full A Level Subject Guide 2018-19

Sixth Form provision at Felsted is designed to:

  • ensure a broad and balanced education, both in terms of the academic curriculum and co curricular activities
  • challenge and stimulate students 
  • be responsive to individualacademic needs
  • prepare students for further education and employment
  • develop reflective and responsible students, equipped to become fulfilled and positive members of their communities

Top Results for Felsted’s A Level Students 2017

Felsted pupils gained an impressive set of A Level results, with 64% achieving A* to B grades (up from 57% in 2016) and 87% achieving A* to C grades (up from 81% in 2016), with a 99% pass rate. More than 34% of all results were at A* or A grade, with many students confirming their places at the country's top universities.
  • 94 students took A Levels at Felsted in 2017
  • 35% of all grades were A* or A (an increase of 4% on 2016, despite the new reformed A Levels, which are supposed to be more difficult)
  • 66% achieved A*-B and more than 87% of all grades were C or better
  • The pass rate was higher than 99%
  • 22 students took the International Baccalaureate Diploma with 100% pass rate.  If IB results are combined with A Level grades, the A*-B percentage is 72% overall, with 90% of all grades A*-C or the equivalent
  • Many subjects achieved exceptional results; German, Physics, Latin and Further Maths all achieved 100% A*-B, with History, Government & Politics, Art & Design, Chemistry, Maths, Psychology and Theatre Studies all achieving more than 75% A*-B grades