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Welcome to the Felsted Model United Nations - Live Blog 2012, here you will be kept up-to-date with live news and updates from the conference. To submit a post please email

  • Human Rights Committee, Grignon Hall

    date posted: Monday 6 Feb 2012

  • Photos - Day 1

    date posted: Sunday 5 Feb 2012

  • Revised Schedule - Monday 6th February

    date posted: Monday 6 Feb 2012

    Please see below for the revised schedule:

     9:00: Arrival and Registration

    • 9:45: MUN Committees: Fast-Track Resolutions
    • Human Rights Committee Grignon Hall
    • Economic and Social Committee, BKA
    • Ecology and Environment Committee,Sixth Form Centre
    • Health CommitteeHunt Theatre
    • Security Council ,Ruggles-Brise

     10:45:Joint Committees 2: Merged Resolutions

    • Human Rights, Health & Security Council, Grignon Hall
    • Economic and Social & Ecology and Environment, BKA

     11:45: Break

    • 12:15: General Assembly: Committee Resolutions, Grignon Hall       
    • 13:20: Lunch for Delegates and Advisers, Lord Riche Hall
    • 14:30: General Assembly: Debate on Conflict, Grignon Hall
    • 15:30: Closing Ceremony, Grignon Hall
    • 16:00: Third Felsted Model United Nations Ends
  • A busy first day

    date posted: Sunday 5 Feb 2012

    It has been an extremely busy first day for the Administration Team at the Felsted Model United Nations. But despite the severe weather conditions it has been a successful day.  

    Everyone is very tired, but we will be geared up for tomorrow! 

    Imran Khalfan, MUN Admin Team


    date posted: Sunday 5 Feb 2012
    We have had to make some quick decisions today, but have managed to keep things going through some scheduling changes and fortunately our chairs and admin teams have thrived on having to make some quick decisions....
  • Opening Ceremony

    date posted: Sunday 5 Feb 2012

    Dr Mike Walker has officially opened the conference.



    date posted: Sunday 5 Feb 2012

    The A120 is absolutely fine (though only one lane open in each direction). The main issue is just getting to Felsted from the main road. I have come in myself from the Braintree direction and already some tyre tracks are developing, so hopefully things will gradually improve. However, the flashpoint on that road is the narrow left turn bridge which needs to be tackled with caution.

    The road from the Dunmow end may well be better; an update on that direction will be posted here as soon as possible.

    The message remains as yesterday: clearly it is totally your decision  whether or not to travel, but come if you feel you can, come late if you can't come on time and come tomorrow if you cannot come today!


    Tom Vignoles

    On behalf of Felsted MUN Chairs



    date posted: Saturday 4 Feb 2012

    Some of you may have spotted that the weather forecast overnight includes some snow, which may cause a few of you some travel difficulties in the morning. This is just to reassure you that the conference will still be going ahead, regardless of whether snow may cause a few people to be late. If you have any difficulties, you should obviously contact your teacher / driver in the first instance, who will update us if there are any problems.


    If there is snow overnight, please make sure you wear appropriate clothing, including sensible footwear!




    Tom Vignoles

    MUN Director

  • Topics - Fast Track Resolutions

    date posted: Tuesday 31 Jan 2012
    It is not an exaggeration to say that pupils will be debating, discussing and attempting to solve some of the world’s biggest problems during the 2012 Felsted Model United Nations Conference.

    The Topics that have been selected for the Fast Track Resolutions in the five committees are:

    • Ecology and Environment Committee - The Environmental Impact of Nuclear Power.
    • Economic and Social Council - The De-privatising and Regulation of International Financial Institutes.
    • Health Committee - The Tropical Disease Crisis.
    • Human Rights Council - The Sexual Exploitation of Women and Children Caused by Trafficking.
    • Security Council - The On-going Repression by the Assad Regime in Syria.
  • Welcome to MUN 2012

    date posted: Monday 30 Jan 2012

    Welcome to the Felsted Model United Nations - Live Blog 2012, here you will be kept up-to-date with live news and updates from the conference.

    To submit a post please email

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